Alaska BLM Maps

Anybody would love Alaska. Any wise traveler would also love Alaska and will not forget to bring BackCountry Navigator's Alaska BLM maps to get the most from the beauty of the place and not waste time in getting lost. 

Alaska is magical and wonderful. It haunts those who had seen it to return and be with the magnificence of the place again while it beacons those who had never been to her land.

Alaska, the Land of the Midnight Sun is one of the most beautiful places to be in the world. Managed by the Bureau of Land Management, its land size is approximately 75 million acres of federal public land. BLM Alaska divided its land management into two district offices, which are Fairbanks and Anchorage. 

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Alaska Map

While a cell phone may help in an emergency, do not rely on your cell phone. Cell coverage outside established towns may be poor or unavailable.

This important information gives emphasis on the importance of bringing an Android GPS phone, with a GPS app that can read  BLM maps of Alaska in offline mode like BackCountry Navigator. Safety precautions including lack of cellphone coverage in Alaska's famous recreation places can be found here.

Alaska offers a wide variety of outdoor recreation opportunities and experiences for those looking for an adventure. Whether you want a backcountry hiking alone or a guided river rafting, these experiences will reduce your stress. You'll feel good about yourself through bonding with your companions, increase your knowledge of Alaska and invigorate your tired spirit with nature.

Below is a travel guide to the places that you can go in Alaska, with Alaska BLM maps as guide:


  • Campbell Tract
  • Iditarod National Historic Trail
  • Pinnell Mountain National Recreation Trail
  • Steese National Conservation Area
  • White Mountains National Recreation Area
  • Beaver Creek Wild and Scenic River
  • Birch Creek Wild and  River
  • Delta Wild and Scenic River
  • Fortymile Wild and Scenic River
  • Gulkana Wild and Scenic River
  • Unalakleet Wild and Scenic River
  • Dalton Highway
  • Denali Highway
  • Steese/Elliott Highways
  • Taylor Highway
  • South Richardson Highway
  • Edgerton Highway
Historic/ Cultural Interests
  • Fort Egbert National Historic Site
  • Tangle Lakes Archaeological District

There's a lot of outdoor recreations that you can do while in Alaska, in fact, you can almost do everything. However, ensure that you are not doing it in private land that isn't part of the BLM recreation area. Here's a long list of what you can do in Alaska. Chose and enjoy:

  • Camping
  • Cultural and Historic Tour
  • Fishing and Hunting
  • Gold Panning
  • Mountaineering
  • Orienteering
  • Outdoor Education
  • Off-Highway Vehicles (OHV)
  • Public Use Cabins
  • River Boating and Rafting
  • Scenic Driving Tour
  • Trails
  • Hiking/backpacking
  • Horseback riding
  • Mountain biking
  • Skiing and Snowshoeing
  • Watchable Wildlife and Birding
  • Wildflower picking

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Don't forget to taste cedar-planked wild salmon to complete your stay in Alaska.