Android BLM Maps for Arizona

Have you ever gotten lost? Or have you spent more time looking for your maps rather than aiming for a catch? With GPS technology, this seldom happens anymore.

BackCountry Navigator PRO is any man's Android GPS app, with Arizona BLM maps as an add-on purchase. From deer hunting on wildlife areas, to elk trailcamming on BLM land, to hiking in the mountains, Arizona BLM maps provides safety and accuracy in any outdoor adventure you chose.

The Bureau of Land Management in Arizona recognizes the importance of recreation and quality of outdoor experiences. These factors affect the national and local economies, as well as the social enjoyment of their tourists or visitors. 

The capital and largest city of Arizona is Phoenix. The second largest city is Tucson. Arizona is one of the Four Corners states, which borders New Mexico, Utah and Nevada. It is known for its Grand Canyon, London Bridge, Hoover Dam, Meteor Crater, Painted Desert and Prickly Pear Cactus Jelly.

Fossil resources on public lands In Arizona are a constant source of fascination for tourists. People look to these resources as recreational opportunities in fulfilling their curiosity about the recent and remote past, for contemplating their origins or preserving and continuing their culture and for finding peace and quiet in its desert landscape.

BLM Arizona administers 12.2 million surface acres of public lands, along with another 17.5 million subsurface acres within the state. Field Offices throughout the state provide on-the-ground field management: Arizona Strip, Hassayampa, Kingman, Lake Havasu, Lower Sonoran, Safford, Tucson and Yuma. These vast acres of lands are included in the BLM Maps of Arizona for Android.

Arizona BLM manages some of the most important and best-preserved prehistoric and historic archaeological sites in the American Southwest. These sites span the entire range of human occupation in the New World, from 13,000 years ago to the present. Android BLM Maps for Arizona has the complete details of these places.

They include properties as diverse as Paleo-Indian mammoth kill sites, Archaic hunting camps, giant ground figures (intaglios), pueblo ruins, rock art, ghost towns, historic ranches, and numerous historic trails and wagon roads such as the Butterfield Overland Stage route.

Arizona is one of the most famous and intriguing places in the southwestern region of the United States.

This video is for everyone, for his or her trip preparation to Arizona with BackCountry Navigator PRO. Do not forget to bring Arizona BLM maps with you. Happy adventures!