Android GPS App for hiking (video)

A new video promotes the benefits of using an Android GPS App in hiking. With the right app, an Android phone can be used as effectively as a dedicated hiking gps. 

Many people have now effectively used their Android GPS in hiking. This is accomplished through the use of offline topo maps and aerial photography. A skilled hiker can use the Android GPS to navigate, along with the electronic compass in an Android phone.

HIking doesn't always take place near an urban center where cell coverage is plentiful. It is helpful to use the Android GPS and an app that can still show maps without a data connection. Though many have used the Google MyTracks app, because it is dependent on Google Maps, it will not show any maps where you do not have an active internet connection. For navigation, it is better to use an app, like BackCountry Navigator, that allows you to download maps in advance.
GPS navigation for hiking often differs from navigation for driving or other activities. In open space, you want to navigate towards waypoints and know your position relative to points of interest. Topographic maps also allow you to see the terrain around you, and your position on that map shows your location relative to trail and terrain features.

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