Android GPS ATV Trail Maps

ATV trail maps are now available for Android! Due to an agreement with US Trailmaps, Inc, these are now available as an in app or add-on purchase for BackCountry Navigator PRO.


These are ideal for Android users who love exploring the outdoors using ATV’s or all terrain vehicles. 

ATV maps covers:
22,514 trails covering 48 US states
25,417 total miles of Summer use trails
1,548 points of interest 

You don't have to guess at whether this will contain your favorite trails. Preview it here:

ATV maps will guide you to get to your destination without getting lost along the way. It is complete with essential informations such as:
trail names
parking and camping areas
local clubs 

ATV trail maps will help you safely explore new trails and areas. It provides information from and to your destination via interconnected routes.   These maps are one of the innovations by U.S. Trailmaps, Inc. for Android. The vision of US Trailmaps is to deliver convenience and safety forpeople who love outdoor adventures by helping them research,locate and plan their ATV rides. US Trailmaps believes in quality and credibility and they found these qualities in BackCountry Navigator.   

One of the features that US Trailmaps envisioned for their service is real time navigation. BackCountry Navigator complements this. BackCountry Navigator can download and view mapsin areas without network coverage or function as offline navigator. The trails will show on the maps you've already previewed or downloaded.

ATV Trail Maps for Android contains more than 25,000 miles of ATV routes and trails. The trail maps include hundreds of points of interest relevant to ATV trail riding. Details such as the trail name or number are displayed when you select the item on the map. ATV Trail Maps for Android can be purchased from the Android market from within BackCountry Navigator PRO. You can find them by using the menu item "Purchasing Add-ons".   

ATV Trails for Android