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Android GPS Equestrian Trails

Most healthy people look forward to backcountry adventure to recover from mental stress due to hectic lifestyle. Nature has a unique way of healing.

There are many ways to commune with nature and horseback riding or equestrian is one of them.

Equestrian has the advantage of seeing the countryside and the wide-open landscapes because of the flexibility of the horses to trek anywhere.

However, although often guided by paper maps, equestrians would enjoy the countryside more if they will use a real time navigation device. One of the most flexible and best navigation devices is the Android GPS phone. It can be a communication device as well as a GPS navigator.

For Android users, an in app purchase for equestrian trail maps is now available with BackCountry Navigator PRO. The map for equestrian trails is made available in partnership with US Trailmaps, one of the best creators of GPS grade digital maps and recreational trail systems.

BackCountry Navigator Android GPS equestrian trail maps can provide the horse rider added confidence to trek on trails without spending too much time in finding trailheads and horse camping areas. Aside from these, equestrian trail maps contain detailed information such as places to buy tack, supply and horse stables.

Equestrian trails also cover:

  • 17,368 Trails covering 17 US States
  • 21,667 total miles of trails
  • 9,454 points of interest
  • Points of interest includes parking areas, horse camping areas, watering holes, shelters, trailheads, restrooms and information centers.

Aside from recreation and new discoveries of nature’s amazing places, horseback riding is also a good exercise. Horse riding stimulates the muscles in our body, which we do not get to use in our daily activities.

Only BackCountry Navigator sells equestrian trail maps for Android. It can be purchased from the Android Market together with BackCountry Navigator PRO.

Stay healthy while having fun. Take care.


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