Android GPS Navigation

Android GPS navigation is one of the three characteristics of an Android GPS app.  

With BackCountry Navigator installed on Android devices, it can specifically answer the question: Where am I?

The first characteristic of an Android GPS app is type of maps, which are street maps, topographic (topo) maps and aerial photography.    

The second characteristic is map access, which are online or offline maps.  

The third characteristic is Android GPS navigation, which consists of turn-by-turn directions, waypoints and following a track. Knowledge of Android GPS navigation is important in choosing the kind of maps to use.

Waypoints are sets of "favorite" coordinates that tells you your distance and bearing to known locations. It can be your parent's address, a business address that you often visit, or the best place in the wilderness to get a network signal for Android GPS navigation.  

Many Android GPS devices are now using base maps. It allows the users to locate a specific point on a map and define it as waypoint. Users may assign a name to each waypoint and use symbols from a built-in library of icons to identify it on a graphic map display. These waypoints could be churches, bridges, shopping centers, parks or tunnels. Waypoint helps maintain safety by showing dangerous areas that you have marked in your previous trips.  

If you are walking on a trail, you might want to mark a specific intersection so that you can later view it on a map. Saving a location is marking a waypoint of that location. Recording your breadcrumbing activities can also be called marking a waypoint.  

Following a Track
A track is a newly created trail or path and saved in the map from breadcrumbing. 

It is a chronological collection of GPS points. If you have a track file of a specific trail, you can pass the information to another so that they can re-trace the original path that you took. Once a track file has been transferred, the recipient can load them into their GPS devices and use an app to guide them through online or offline Android GPS navigation.  

An Android GPS app will display it on the map as a jagged, colored line and one can virtually see their location corresponding to the line.  

With Android GPS app, GPS navigation in smartphones is better than other handheld devices because it is flexible to do more tasks.  

Enjoy your favorite outdoor activity and be safe.