Android GPS Snowmobile Maps

Snowmobile Trail Maps for Android are available as an add-on purchase with BackCountry Navigator PRO. These are created by US Trailmaps, Inc. 

One of the many ways to have fun in the snow-covered backcountry of the US is through snowmobiling. Snowmobiling is an adventure that gives you a chance to enjoy hundreds of thousands of acres of stunning territories, even in areas that are too secluded to be easily accessible.

If you are one of the snowmobilers who are smart enough to use an Android phone as a GPS device, you will appreciate BackCountry Navigator snowmobile maps. It will save you long hours of research to locate your planned rides because these maps include thousands of numbered intersections for reference with added detail such as a trail names. It also has search capability. 

BackCountry Navigator snowmobile map contains over 195,000 miles of trails complete with information for full navigation. 

BackCountry Navigator Android GPS app lets you download and view snowmobile maps in your Android device even in areas without network coverage. Only BackCountry Navigator can function as offline navigator, which means it can still provide GPS service even in areas without network coverage. The trails that you've previously previewed or downloaded will even show on the maps. 

BackCountry Navigator is the best Android GPS app for snowmobiling because it completes the objective of US Trailmaps to provide snowmobilers with real time navigation. 

Android snowmobile maps include:
50,699 trails covering 27 US states and 5 Canadian provinces
195,310 total miles of trails
3,306 named and numbered trail intersections

To view the coverage of the map and find out your favorite trails, preview can be found here: or view the example here.

BackCountry Navigator sells snowmobile maps for Android.

Snowmobile Maps for Android can be purchased from the Android market from within BackCountry Navigator PRO. You can find it by using the menu item More-> "Purchasing Add-ons".