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If you don’t receive the confirmation email . . .

If you don’t receive an email from us, it may be because a spam filter didn’t recognize the source and filtered it out.

Here are some things to try:

  • Place support at in your address book.
  • Check with your ISP or mail provider to see if they have a “screened mail” folder or something similar. Procedures to place support at in your trusted list will vary according to your email provider.[/*:m]
  • Send an email directly to support at to let us know. You will often receive the reply. [/*:m]

Eagle Island State Park

I went to Eagle Island State Park in search of 15 caches in a series. It was cold and pouring rain. My Pocket PC was well protected by the OtterBox Armor case. I’m always glad to have that.

The route led us through trails, cow pastures, and ruins of the old prison farm. We were able to find eight geocaches before running out of batteries and body heat.

#7 eluded the group completely. Previous logs indicated it was not found or was in a very unexpected place. 

This is a screenshot.


Importing other maps

BackCountry Navigator uses Topo Maps and Aerial Photos from TerraServer USA.

Frequently, we have requests to use other maps, either to cover places outside the US, or to use a type of map that is not available in the program. 

So far, we have found out a few things.  BackCountry Navigator is well suited for displaying raster maps, but they would need to be calibrated and tiled.

The Pocket PC doesn’t have much image processing power, compared to your desktop device. It does rather well with the Terraserver maps because they are imported in small tiles. To perform as well. large images should be broken up into small pieces for display. This would probably require a desktop utility.

To aid in our planning, members can post on the following:

  • Sources of maps for other regions of the world[/*:m]
  • Format of images and calibration information that people would plan to use[/*:m]
  • How they have typically calibrated maps (ie picking points, etc)[/*:m]

Tracking / trails

Tracking is a highly requested feature that we are working on. A track or trail, as we’ve defined it, is a series of connected points that may have elevation if recorded. A track as a whole may have a description, but the individual points typically do not have names. 

Some things that we would like to have work:

  • Record points on a track as we get position from the GPS.[/*:m]
  • Filter it down so we don’t get too many points or jaggedness in the track.[/*:m]
  • Display the track or trail as a series of line segments on the map, perhaps with customizable colors.[/*:m]
  • Import tracks or trails in GPX format, in addition to waypoints. [/*:m]
  • Store tracks in your datafile. [/*:m]
  • Export tracks, along with waypoints, in GPX format to share with other friends or use in other software.[/*:m]
  • Ability to post GPX files to the internet for a nicely formatted and illustrated trip report. [/*:m]

Your thoughts are welcome.