BackCountry Navigator Desktop Edition

BackCountry Navigator Desktop Edition streamlines your adventure planning process on your desktop or laptop computer.  

While most everything in the Desktop Edition can be done in the Windows Mobile software, BackCountry Navigator Desktop Edition has been highly requested for the following reasons:

  • More Screen Real Estate:  The Desktop Editon can be maximized to the full extent of your desktop or laptop screen, giving you more room to plan and browse your target areas. 
  • Faster Downloads: Try as we have, we can't get downloads on Windows Mobile to be as fast as they are on the desktop. The difference is not just bandwidth, there are memory and disks speeds in the mix. 

BackCountry Navigator DE was first used in preparing a rather large and complex map for Francis Tapon, when he set out to be the first person to yo-yo the Continental Divide Trail. It took a few nights to download but all fit on a storage card in his phone.

  Continental Divide Trail displayed in a Topo Map Program.

Here is some help on using files from the Desktop Edition.

Here are some things to note about the Desktop Edition:

  • The interface is very similar to the Mobile version, although it will look different in some ways. Forms are the size of their mobile equivalent by default but can be maximized or resized.
  • The file format (.db3) is 100% compatible with the mobile version. You can copy files from your PC over to your built in storage or storage card on your Pocket PC.
  • Functionality is approximately the same as the mobile version, with access to more screen real estate and computing power. 
  • The Desktop version will be licensed separately from the Mobile version. A license is available at an introductory cost of $25 USD.

Have fun trying out the software! You may report any issues you find by emailing support or participating in discussions on the forum.