BLM Maps for Montana

An excellent map is of great value to all outdoorsmen like prairie and upland hunters, anglers and backpackers. It helps them identify various public and private land types. A GPS app also proved invaluable in finding difficult places to hunt. BLM maps for Montana as add-on purchase for BackCountry Navigator PRO will accurately guide you without the fear of ending up on private land. 

Bureau of Land Management in Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota care for 8.3 million acres of public land in the three states as well as 47 million acre of mineral estates. These public lands contain energy and mineral production, vast expanses of open space, breathtaking scenery, recreation opportunities, national monuments, grazing livestock, historic and prehistoric sites, wildlife, wild horses, watersheds, timbered mountains, and rolling prairies. These lands are covered by BackCountry Navigator's BLM maps for Montana.

Montana represents the untamed, the wild and the natural. Starting with The Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks, the "Big Sky State" is magnificent in every sense of the word. Mountains seem to go on forever. The Glacier National Park boasts acres of pristine forests, awesome mountains, wildlife, and spectacular, transparent lakes.   

The Yellowstone National Park's hot springs, shooting fountains, roaring waterfalls and herds of iconic wildlife lies between mountain ranges that don't have names yet. With BackCountry Navigator BLM maps of Montana, you won't get lost in nameless places.

Scattered in the valleys are small towns of friendly locals. Learn about American Indian culture  from one of Montana’s 12 tribes, or study and experience the ways of the West while vacationing on a guest ranch. 

There are six tourism regions, because Montana offers almost too much for one state. 
Glacier Country Montana 
Farmer’s markets abound, sailors drop their centerboards in the turquoise waters of Flathead Lake, and cherry orchards blossom along the flanks of the Mission Mountains.  

Russell Country Montana
Russell Country bridges the gap between mountains and rolling prairies. Whether you paddle a canoe down the wild and scenic, history-rich Missouri River, camp along its White Cliffs or watch the magical spring migration of snow geese flocking to the waters of Freezeout Lake, this region is full of stunning diversions. And, don’t miss the C.M. Russell Museum in Great Falls.  

Missouri River Country
The rolling, short grass prairies of Missouri River Country are a wildlife-rich tract of level open land for sportsmen. This slice of Big Sky Country offers you opportunities to troll for trophy walleye in the waters of Fork Peck Reservoir, stalk elusive pronghorn antelope or hunt for that perfectly preserved dinosaur fossil.  

Custer Country
Take a walk in General Custer’s boots at the Bighorn Battlefield. Retrace the steps of Lewis and Clark with a visit to Pompey’s Pillar. Visit the world-famous Miles City Bucking Horse Sale. Soak up some history and Native American culture at the Crow Fair, or simply stroll along Main Street in any of our quaint communities.  

Yellowstone Country
Grizzly bears, wolves and a burgeoning art scene are defining elements of southwestern Montana—as well as the nation’s first national park. Winter brings bountiful “cold smoke” snow to this region, offering a prime playground for downhill and cross-country skiers, as well as snowmobilers and dogsledders.  

Goldwest Country
The Wild West is still alive and well along the boardwalks of Main Street Virginia City. After sifting for sapphires in Philipsburg, dust off your hiking boots for a stroll among the alpine peaks of the Anaconda-Pintler Wilderness.  

For those who has never been to Montana and to those who are planning a trip, here's a video.

The possibilities in Montana are endless. By strengthening existing and new partnerships, the BLM will ensure that the nation’s public lands are managed and conserved for future generations of Americans to use and enjoy. For the meantime, enjoy the magnificence of Montana's vastness with Montana BLM maps add-on for BackCountry Navigator PRO.