California BLM Maps

California BLM maps for Android distinguishes between public and private lands and these maps are now available as an add-on purchase to BackCountry Navigator PRO. BackCountry Navigator is one of the best Android GPS travel apps. These maps can be purchased by going to "Purchasing Add-ons" in the menu.

According to Wikipedia, "Most state and federally managed public lands are open for recreational use. Recreation opportunities depend on the managing agency and run the gamut from the free-for-all, undeveloped wide open spaces of BLM lands to the highly developed and controlled national and state parks."


BLM manages 15.2 million acres of public lands in California – nearly 15% of the state's land area – and 1.6 million acres in northwestern Nevada. BLM California also administers 47 million acres of subsurface mineral estate underlying federal surface land, 2.5 million acres underlying privately owned land, and 592,000 acres of Native American tribal land where BLM has trust responsibility for mineral operations.

The public lands in California under the jurisdiction of the BLM amount to about 15 percent of the Golden State’s total land mass. These lands are spread throughout the State within 55 of California’s 58 counties. In California, these include:

  • Three National Monuments: California Coastal, Carrizo Plain and Santa Rosa & San Jacinto Mountains;
  • One National Conservation Area: King Range;
  • Portions of the California Desert Conservation Area managed for conservation purposes;
  • Eight National Wild and Scenic Rivers: portions of the Amargosa, American, Cottonwood Creek, Eel, Klamath, Merced, Tuolumne and the Trinity;
  • Four National Scenic & Historic Trails: portions of California, Juan Bautista de Anza, Old Spanish and Pacific Crest; 
  • 87 Wilderness Areas, and 72 Wilderness Study Areas stretching from the desert to the mountains to the coast;
  • 1 Old-Growth Forest Reserve: the Headwaters Forest; and
  • 204 Areas of Critical Environmental Concern

California BLM maps for Android is included in the 12 Western states which shows the boundaries of federal, state and private lands using the BackCountry Navigator Add-on maps.

There are Top 10 Points of Interest in California through these field offices. Knowing the boundaries of public and private lands saves an outdoor lover the risk of trespassing into a private property and being open to the discretion of the private property owner, the worst is being shot.

With this vast land area, rich with outdoor recreations that anyone can imagine, with legends that history brings, a customized California BLM maps for Android is a simple yet very important tool to complement an outdoor trip. It is the easiest way to access the whole state in the palm of your hands with a mapping app that can function even without network coverage as long as the map is downloaded before you leave and explore.

Offline navigation is one of BackCountry Navigator PRO's greatest strengths and it has never failed its smart users.

California is the only US state, which is written in history for the Goldrush in 1848. Here's to the story.