Canada Topo Maps

Canada topo maps, popularly known as Toporama, offers free access to the National Topographic System. These maps uses data from the Atlas of Canada, National Topographic Data Base and CanVec. Topo maps shows Canada's detailed landforms and terrains, lakes and rivers, forests, administrative and populated areas, transportation facilities, roads and railways and other land features.  

Toporama maps are the same in appearance to printed topographic maps except that these Canada topo maps are intended for the internet so some features are somewhat different. The limitations in the size of an average computer monitor changed how the detail is presented. Toporama maps do not have edges unlike printed topo maps, which shows defined areas based on the National Topographic Map Sheet Grid. Toporama is a seamless map using 1:250 000 or 1:50 000 scale data for all of Canada, viewable through a web browser.

The recent improvement to Canada topo maps are:

  • Most recent data source
  • Easy to read feature names 
  • Roads, rivers and lakes are more detailed and emphasized on the topo maps

The base components of Canada topo maps accessible in the Atlas of Canada are:

  • Drainage: coastlines, rivers, lakes
  • Boundaries: federal, provincial, Canada-Kalaallit Nunaat dividing line
  • Transportation: primary and secondary highways, selected ferry routes, rail networks
  • Populated places
  • National parks

The Atlas of Canada offers free access to Canada topo maps with an easy-to-use mapping tool. 

The links below will guide you to find, save and print the digital maps of your choice. 
Explore Topographic Maps
– go directly to Toporama
Search for Place Names – cities, towns, villages, mountains, rivers, and lakes
Centre for Topographic Information – topographic data

Canada ranks as the second largest country in the world. It has a land area close to 10 million square kilometers. Although tourist attractions are somehow far apart as presented in the Atlas, these are easily accessible by a well-designed infrastructure consisting of a network of road, railways, ports and airports. In Canada, each province promotes its own tourist industry through provincial regional tourist offices, thus topo maps are produced at provincial level.

Tourist attractions are classified into nature-based and cultural. Nature-based tourism is focused on the great outdoors like horseback riding, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, skiing, and cycling. Cultural tourism is centered on experiencing the unique arts, heritage, history, cuisine and special character of each place. Both kinds of tourist attractions are worth exploring.

Natural Attractions
The natural beauty of Canada’s wilderness makes it a popular destination. Canada borders three oceans: the Atlantic, the Pacific and the Arctic. The four distinctive seasons of Canada creates a magnificent change of nature's colors from green to flamboyant red and ochre, followed by white snow. Landscapes vary from majestic mountains, rolling hills, golden prairies, Arctic tundra, millions of lakes and rivers, rugged coast and sandy beaches. Canada's backcountry is a new a adventure anytime of the year.

Cultural Attractions
Cultural tourism or attraction is defined as a trip geared toward experiencing the arts, heritage, cuisine and special character of a place. Canada's cultural attractions vary from historic sites, museums, cultural events, points of interest, learning vacations and other possibilities to explore in a way that is educational and inspirational.  

Canada topo maps include attractions that are recognized by the Canadian government to remember significant tradition-rich places. These sites are located in urban, rural or wilderness and could be sacred places, battlefields or archaeological sites. The sites are fascinating because it's not only an important part of Canada but it depicts what they were.

Toporama, which contains Canada topo maps, are geo-referenced datasets raster images, which combines an area of interest or background data for various applications. This is significant to users of GPS, navigators, hikers, and tourists who are comfortable with digital topographic data.

Enjoy Canada, from Parliament Hill to Chateau Lake Louise to Stanley Park Hollow Tree. Find peace in the beauty of the landscapes and amaze yourself with its history.   

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