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Android GPS

Trekking with BackCountry Navigator

A trek is an outdoor activity where people take hiking trips for days on the often-rugged backcountry and where the common means of transportation is generally not available. Trekkers would take on longer trips, moving from place to place, covering and exploring their chosen regions of the world. Trekking is a long journey on foot. [...]

Life in the BackCountry

There is only one place to go when city life overwhelms us – to the backcountry. In the surface, it seems that life in the city is better with these advantages: – communication – transportation – good schools – jobs – shops – entertainment Backcountry life isn’t easy. It is remote, isolated and undeveloped. It [...]

Nautical Charts

Nautical charts are the most essential tool for a mariner for one major reason – safety. It shows the graphic representation of the coast and the general characteristic of the sea. This includes water depths, heights of land or topography, information about tides and currents, details of the Earth’s magnetic fields and human-made structures such [...]

Horse Riding History

Horse riding is a rarity in the modern world. Technology based transportation facilities replaced the time when horses were being used for transportation. In the old days, horses were an important part of daily existence, whether it is for trading, transportation or warfare.

Horse Riding Trails

Horse riding trails are natural trails and roads used for horse riding or pony trekking. It is the opposite of enclosed areas such as riding arenas. Trail riding is an outdoor activity and may consist of individuals or small groups of people. 

Topographical GPS

Topographical GPS provides an accurate detail for any traveler who wants to find out about his or her destination. When GPS accuracy is good, traveling becomes safer, faster, and more convenient.

GPS Software

An Android smartphone is useless without a GPS software to drive it. A gps software is responsible for an Android smartphone's GPS capability. It converts an Android phone into a reliable GPS device.

GPS Coordinates

GPS coordinates is a geographic equation that specifies every location on earth through a set of numbers. These numbers represent one vertical position and two or more horizontal positions. An example is the latitude, longitude and elevation.

Topo Maps

Topo maps are indispensable tools for navigation, not only for government but also for science, industry, and leisure.

Topographic maps was established and first produced by USGS in 1879. After more than a century and millions of created topo maps, it is still USGS' center of activity.  

Marine GPS

Marine GPS is one of the most useful beneficiaries of the Global Positioning System.

As we are all familiar with, GPS is a space-based satellite navigation system, which provides location, weather projection, air traffic system information and any activity near the earth's surface as long as there is no obstruction in the line of sight from these GPS satellites.