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I have not used this program much but just saw that I am suppose to be able to use it for Geocaching. I read the instructions. Went to and had it send me all the caches in my area I loaded them on my Samsung Galaxy Tab and opened them. The caches installed in every other map program on my tab except BackCountry Navigator. It was not even one of my choices.

Is there some simple thing I can do to get the GPX files into BackCOuntry?

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waypoint question

So far I’ve only used the app while on my motorcycle and I liked it. However, I seem to be having a problem I need some help with.

I am going on a hike on Friday night. I open BCN, turn on the GPS, click on the flag to create a way point. When the screen pops up, I type in the UTM of the way point I want then click save. It saves my current location, not what I typed in.

How can I create way points by typing in coordinates?



NAD 84 no longer an option?

I had been using UTM coordinate format with the NAD83 datum type for all of my BCN wilderness forays over the past few months. The last update of BCN no longer has any NAD datum types available when I have my LG Vortex set up as I have always have with metric coordinates and UTM format. The only option that I have is WGS84. I just tried removing the app and reinstalling it and had the same results again. Any suggestions?


“Moving time


Just started using the map, and really like it so far.

There seems to be a bug in the “Stats” section. Every time I start to track the “moving time” doesn’t start at 00:00:00 but at 23:00:00

Any idea why this happens or how I can make sure that it does the correct thing?

I am using a Virgin Mobile Optiums V, Android Version 2.2.1

Thank you,



Offline map storage

Just testing the offline storage of maps, I selected the greater Boston area, and abandoned the effort after 30 mins and only downloading about 10% of the maps (on high speed wifi). Seems that the multiple layers added up to many tens of thousands of tiles!

I found that I can also just browse the areas and zoom levels I need and BCN saves them automatically for offline use. Much easier, really, though not mentioned in the guide.

It’s worth looking at Navdroyd map management, it offers countries and regions, and data compression must be pretty good because files are not too huge. And it’s got a crude but usable navigation system. If you could incorporate that into BCN, this would be the best product out there!


Downloading GPX /KML files from google maps

In the past I’ve used to create GPX files from ‘My places’ that I’ve created. That still works (on internet explorer, not Firefox anymore, it seems), but now I was trying to get extract a KML – clicking on “view in google earth” on My Maps offers an option to save a KML file, but the file I get is empty, with no waypoints. Any clues?