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Ways to get the most out of your Pocket PC Navigation Software.


Using “Smart Phones” in direct sunlight

I did a survey where I blasted the use of these devices in direct sunlight. I believe my response was “useless”. Since then I acquired a 3M 98-0440-5210-2 Privacy Screen Filter from for $15.95 plus shipping. I had to cut it down with scissors but it sticks on & if your orient it correctly it works well enough to make a smart phone “useful”. It’s not perfect but does make a difference & finger touching still works fine. I also filed down both the power button & the level control button so I have to use my fingernail to use them thus eliminating their always getting pushed accidentally while hiking. I am a “thru” hiker (I’ve done the PCT twice, the CDT once & I will be finishing the PNT this year) & want to use BackCountry Navigator & my HTC Incredible instead of my Garmin.

BackCountry Navigator works so much better than my Garmin. The only issue is downloading maps which is too slow, but doable. I’m still trying to get Mobile Atlas Creator figured out but don’t have time now to deal with it.



Transfering your Licensed BackCountry Navigator to another device

This guide from Android Market Help Articles will help you to retrieve your
purchased BackCountry Navigator or transfer it to another device:

Retrieving previously purchased applications

Your application purchases are tied to your Google Account and can be installed an unlimited amount of times on any device. So, for example, if you remove 'My Favorite Game' to save memory, you can reinstall it at a later date with no charge by simply visiting My Downloads. Note: free applications are not saved to My Downloads after you remove them.

If you change devices, you can install previous purchases by making sure you sign into your device with the same Google Account you used on your previous phone.

Additionally, if Android Market is attempting to charge you for an application you have already purchased on an existing phone, your device may have been reset and a new username and password created. Because the application is associated with a different Google Account, you are being charged to purchase it again. Please note, if you would like to continue using the device with your current Google Account, you will need to purchase the application again.

If you would like to access your application without purchasing it again, reset your phone and sign in using the Google Account used at the time of purchase. To complete this process, you will need to complete the following steps:

  1. For Android 1.6 devices, visit Settings > SD Card and phone storage > Factory data reset. For Android 2.0 devices, visit Settings > Privacy > Factory data reset. This will wipe all data on your device; the SD/memory card will not be touched.
  2. Sign in to your phone using the username and password of the Google Account you originally used to purchase your applications. If you do not know the password for this account, please visit the Google Checkout Help Center article about Passwords for instructions to reset the password.
  3. Reinstall the application by visiting My Downloads.

Visit the original article here.



UK Maps


Thought I posted a question a couple of weeks ago but can’t find a way to get back to it. bit new to this. I live in Scotland and need to use the UK maps. Find them ok but do have a problem with them out in the field. if I try and blow them up it seems to almost freeze leaving a small section of the map to one side and the rest blank.

What I was looking for was a good tutorial. Most of the ones I have come across seem to be aimed at the US user and a lot of the tools etc they mention don’t seem to be on my version. For example the My Location Button.

I’m 65 so not terribly on board with technology so I like to find tutorials that explain things in layman’s terms

Coming into my season of exploring the Scottish Hills so I really want to get on board with this asap. I think it and the maps look fine just need to know how to work it easily.

not sure if I can prepare a map/route on my desktop before going out and then transfer it to my Android Phone.


Map Type Selection

I am interested in identifying the best way to combine information from topos and street maps. Since many of my kayak or backpacking journeys cross roads or bridges that may be possible start/stop points. The MAPNIKs are great for roads only but show no ground/water features whatsoever. The Topos have major highways but secondary roads are very difficult to make out. Is there a method of combining or a known format that has a bit of a compromise? It seems that Google Earth or GMaps is about the compromise I am looking for but I read in another post that maps from there are not legal for download.


Where to obtain GPX Files

I have recently purchased BC Navigator and I have discovered that there are not too many avenues to download gpx files without paying for them. Trimble and GPS Sports are 2 examples. Is there an open sharing site that anyone knows about to up and download trip files.


Deleting Duplicates?

Is there a way to delete duplicate waypoints? 

I have uploaded geocache waypoints then gone back and did an update of the same area (to get most current data) and ended up with multipul indentical waypoints.

Also: Is there a way to import and overwrite duplicates?