Color Aerial Photography for Android

Thanks to all who have tried beta downloads of BackCountry Navigator for Android. In just the last few days, I have posted several new builds and received several helpful reports from users. I have posted a few good tips and screenshots to the FaceBook Fan Page:

At least two users report that the HTC Incredible does not randomly reboot during a long download. This is good news and shows that some countermeasures were effective.  Some other users have had reports of OutofMemory conditions, and I will continue to follow up to see if any of the recent fixes are effective. You can download the latest version from here:

Color Aerials:
As of yesterday, BackCountry Navigator will allow you to try USGS color aerial photography, available across much of the contintental US at 1 meter per pixel (up to zoom level 17). This is the same level of detail in the USGS black and white aerial photography you may have tried before now, but in color. 

Sharing Your Story
I am actively looking for those of you who are willing to share your story or experience with BackCountry Navigator. This can be as simple as uploading fan photos with captions to the Facebook page, or, if desired, some photos can be featured in a blog entry about you and your favorite outdoor activities.  

Have a great day!