Colorado BLM Maps for Android

No matter what time of year you visit, there is always something to do in Colorado – from hiking and biking in the summer to snowmobiling and skiing in the winter. There is also a constant need for Colorado BLM maps to safely guide you between public and private lands. Being shot while hiking in a private land will surely ruin your planned discovery of the historic state. 

You will need BackCountry Navigator PRO Add-on map as one of your tools in your trips in BLM mapped lands in 12 US states.

Colorado's 8.3 million acres of BLM public lands, along with 27 million acres of mineral estates, are concentrated primarily in the Western portion of the state. The lands range from alpine tundra, colorful canyons and mesas in the Southwest, to rolling sage-covered hills in the Northwest. These public lands contribute to Colorado's quality of life.

BLM lands are often thought of as being America's playground and treasure. Public lands in Colorado are no exception. In Colorado, people rely on the Colorado BLM maps land for many uses such as recreation, cultural or historical tourism, and traditional uses like livestock grazing and mining.  Whether it is for the solitude of a historic trail or for the benefits of energy development, people in Colorado and visitors to the state are not only looking to the public lands but for more – for something rare that only in unique Colorado can be found.

Heritage tourists traveling to experience the places, artifacts and activities reflecting the stories and people of the past and present has become one of the fastest growing tourism segments in Colorado, growing at twice the rate of other tourism segments. To regulate recreation and tourism activities in Colorado, Colorado BLM maps was included in their planning efforts which resulted in Recreation and Visitor Services Strategy or the Colorado Recreation Program. It's purpose is to inform everyone of BLM's framework regarding the state of Colorado's public land. This is the complete copy of the program.

Special Recreation Permits (SRP) is required for a variety of recreation activities on BLM public lands. These permits are used to ensure public safety and protection, public health, natural resources and ensure that the public receives a fair monetary return for their recreation uses of BLM public lands. SRP's are required for commercial activities, competitive events and certain organized group activities in some designated special areas. Complete guide to supplement the use of Colorado BLM land maps can be found here

Colorado is a majestic place. Good luck exploring and we’ll see you on the trail with Colorado add-on land maps from BackCountry Navigator.