Creating a Map File

One of the first steps in using BackCountry Navigator is creating a map datafile. This file will contain all the images, places, and waypoints that you will use for an outdoor adventure in a particular area. You can create as many as you need, name them anything you want, and use one of them at a time.

When you first run BackCountry Navigator, you will be prompted to choose a filename for your first adventure with BackCountry Navigator. Do not be initimidated by this choice, you can always create more later. For best results, choose a storage card or builtin storage for the location.

Also when first started, the trial screen will appear. At some point, you may want to get rid of this dialog by purchasing the software and entering a code. For now, press  the Skip button to enter the program.

If you have not chosen a filename, not all the options will be available to you.

Do not panic if you see these screens; simply choose New… from the Data page to choose a filename. Once you have chosen a file name, more options will be available to you on the Data screen.

Coming up, we will load map data into this file.