Defining Custom Waypoints

BackCountry Navigator allows you to define custom waypoints as easily as tapping the screen of your Pocket PC. Once defined, you can add the elevation, custom description, and notes.

Although using a basic GPS can be a lot of fun, the interface to add waypoints often leaves a little to be desired. Entering them using a few buttons can be quite tedious.

With BackCountry Navigator on your Pocket PC, you can add waypoints as easily as you do addresses or appointments.

Let’s suppose we want to mark the marina on the Lewis River where we will be starting our trip. We can mark it with a crosshairs by tapping on the map. Using the menu item Action-> Select -> Mark Waypoint . . . will then bring up the Waypoint dialog.

 Here, we can enter the name and descriptive information. If we are connected to the internet, we can even estimate the elevation by pushing the Estimate! button.

The dialog has retrieved an elevation estimate from the USGS Elevation Web Service, based on the longitude and latitude This is something you’d normally have to estimate from a map or guidebook, or wait and measure with your GPS.

The Waypoint and label now show up on the map.

Here are some addtional things to note about defining Waypoints:

  • If you wish to enter the coordinates for a point, perhaps from a paper map or guidebook, simply change the latitude, longitude, and/or elevation after bringing up the dialog.
  • The elevation estimate is not available in all areas (though it is in most), and is only accurate within 30 meters or so in the horizontal directions.
  • You can later add notes to a waypoint or change the description based on your experience there.