Download Multiple Offline Maps for Android

In this week's build, we have simplified the process of downloading multiple offline maps for Android, including topo maps, aerial photography, and other map sources.

As always, it's good to choose a map source for preview when you start BackCountry Navigator.  The map that you preview can be different than the one you want to download, if desired.

Next, it is helpful to center the map on a place where you might want to spend time in the outdoors. Use the menu item, Find Places. 

Finding a place on a topo map in AndroidSearch for crater lake on Android topo map.

Center on crater lake in a topo map on Android.

Toggle the select button and drag your finger to select an area. 

The button that looks like a pencil on a CD will allow you to select map sources to download as offline maps.

Choosing topo maps and aerial photography for offline maps on Android.

You can select additional map sources and press the "Begin Download" button to add them to the queue. When you press done, you return to the map screen, but can still see an icon indicating a download is in progress. 

Adding a download of Aerial Photography for Android offline maps. Notification for Android offline maps

This map download's progress can be seen in Android's notification area. It can be pressed to cancel or continue progress.

Download of topographic map for Android in progress. Cancel or continue download of offline map for Android.

As one layer completes, the next map source is started, until all map layers have been completed. You can choose any of the map sources you have downloaded by choosing Map Src and then Offline Maps.

Offline map for AndroidOffline map choices in Android


8 thoughts on “Download Multiple Offline Maps for Android

  1. Nathan, One on the few things I miss from my Windows phone was your App. This is my 2nd load of your beta test and so far it is looking good. I actual find it easier then the windows version and much more intuitive. Keep up the good work and let us know if we can test any other issue. As far as the load on the processor I am not seeing an issue. I assume there will be a load and so far it has caused me not issue. 

  2. Thanks for the update, this app is one of the best backcountry apps out there. Seamless, free topo map (now multiple map) caching is a huge advantage over the competition! I have been dying to have waypoint functionality though. Any chance this is in the plans for a near beta release(I have a trip coming up:)? Also, the compass is a bit small when the screen is in portrait mode, any chance this could resize for increased functionality?

    Thanks for your great work,


  3. Next week, we should release waypoints functionality based on the progress so far. 

    Are you looking to define some waypoints on the trail, enter some, or import some from GPX etc? All these ways are being worked on for next week. 

    The compass is a few pixels bigger in this weeks build. It could be its own screen, as long as no one is worried about seeing the compass and too many stats at the same time. It wouldn't cover quite the whole screen since it is a square on a rectangle. 

  4. For now, no. 

    But what other map source types are you interested in?

    Perhaps they could be added to the list. Or perhaps they require something custom. 


  5. I don't know enough about that format yet.

    Here are some questions to think about.

    Are they really better than the maps you can use with much less effort?
    If so, in what ways are they better?  

    The screenshots I see on that site don't look better to me, but they may not tell the whole story. 

  6. So the biggest issue is just being able to get larger irregular areas with less time and effort. 

    I'll continue to work on what can be done here. 

  7. Hi, Just wanted to say that I’d find it useful to be able to load an .img file too. I’ve got property boundaries for the whole state in an .img file, so having them on my droid would be hugely useful. If there’s another way to get up to date and accurate cadastral/ownership boundaries on there, I’ll try that instead.

    Thanks for working on it!

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