Fixes for Android Beta Users

Hello Android Beta Users,

I realize that it has been a short time since you last heard from me. 

Since yesterday, I have gotten a flood of crash reports due to a dreaded OutOfMemoryError that can occur after opening the program multiple times. This has occurred most often on the Sprint Hero, but can happen on other devices as well. I've spent some quality time with some memory analysis tools and eliminated a lot of factors before finding that the root cause was in a Google library – a small bug that caused a huge memory leak.

Due to the sleep I've lost over this issue, I've rushed out today's fix. Download it here:

Also fairly new in this release:

  • Color Aerial Photography for continental US. 
  • Attempt to get a location faster on startup, instead of being stuck at an old location. 
  • Ability to open GPX files from AstroExplorer or similar program. 

Have a great day!