Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions that have or will be asked about BackCountry Navigator Software.

Do you support Palm PDAs?

We support the Treo 700W.

Do you run on Windows Mobile 5?

Yes. BackCountry Navigator versions 1 and 2 both run on Windows Mobile 5. Version 2.0 or later is reccommended for that platform.  

Do you have maps for Canada, Mexico, or Europe?

Not at this time. The topographic maps and aerial photographs are downloaded from TerraServer USA, which only covers the United States.

How do I tell whether an area I wish to visit is covered? 

While TerraServer has topo maps for all of the US that we are aware of, there are patches where aerial photography is not available.  To preview coverage in your area, see the coverage map at TerraServer-USA. Note that some areas will display a snow-like matte in place of an aerial photograph, which will be downloaded also by BackCountry Navigator.

Can I install the program to my Storage Card?

 Yes. When the ActiveSync Add/Remove Program dialog asks whether to install in default location, select No. You may then choose an alternate location.

Can I download maps to my Storage Card?

Yes. Downloading big files to main memory is definitely going out of style. When you create a New map datafile, choose the Location as your storage card in the Save As dialog. All maps and data will be stored in the file you have chosen.

Can I create maps from my own scanned images?

Not at this time.

Where can I buy a GPS receiver for my PocketPC?

The store BuyGPSNow specializes in receivers for Pocket PC. They have several good models of bluetooth, mouse, and compact flash receivers that have received good reviews.

Where can I go for news and rumors in the Pocket PC world?

Pocket PC Thoughts – contains news, thoughts, and reviews related to Pocket PCs.