Going Offline when Downloading Offline Maps for Android

Our Android GPS Software allows you to download maps for offline use on Android. You can download a section of topo maps, aerial photography, or other maps for use when you are offline, on a hiking trip or other outdoor activity.

What happens, though, when you go offline when downloading? Whether on wifi, 3G or roaming, you may find that there are times when a file download is interrupted for a temporary loss of connectivity.  

In some early versions of BackCountry Navigator, this was a problem because you might end downloading a zero length tile, or none, without the app noticing. Subsequently, you may find that you are missing some important tiles when you switch to offline map mode.

Today, we are releasing a new version with a persistent retry mechanism. When a tile download fails, the map download service will continue to retry until it finds a connection, then it will continue with the remaining tiles as if nothing had happened.

What you will see is this. In this example, I turned off wifi. Subsequently, a download doesn't seem to be making any progress. 

Progress of downloading offline maps in Android 

If I click on the notification and bring up the progress dialog, I will find the extra text: -Retries:72. This means that since the last good tile, BackCountry has tried 72 more times to get a good connection. You can cancel this download, or let it continue to retry. 

Retries for downloading offline maps in Android

If I turn on wifi once again, BackCountry Navigator will eventually find that it has a successful connection and continue where it left off. 

Continuing an offline map download on Android.

What should you do if you have missing tiles in your offline map? Redownload a section that looks incomplete. As always, BackCountry Navigator will not duplicate downloads, so it will find and add only the tiles that are missing. This will be much faster than looking individually for any tiles that are missing.


3 thoughts on “Going Offline when Downloading Offline Maps for Android

  1. Nathan, got one more (dumb) user scenario for you. I was downloading tiles and the decided to install the latest app version. Guess what – the download was terminated and did not resume after launching the new app version.

  2. I can't say I recommend doing that, but I'll look into it.  

    Next step, someone may expect it to recover after loading a custom ROM! 😉 I'm going to have to rule that one out in case anyone asks. 

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