GPS Android

Since the launch of mobile phones running on Android platform, GPS Android transformed the mobile market into a diverse environment of communication and navigation. These two, communication and navigation, are the most frequent activities of people every day.

One of the most valuable contributions of Android platform is its support for GPS Android applications.    

Mobile phone that runs on Android platform has a real GPS chip in it that obtains location from GPS satellites. GPS Android can receive location from GPS satellites regardless of any location.  

BackCountry Navigator is one of the best and must have GPS Android app. It supports the three types of maps: street map, topographic maps or topo maps and aerial photograph. It also meets the qualifications for choosing a GPS Android app, which are map types, map access, and styles of navigation.  

The key factor of BackCountry Navigator GPS Android is its capability to turn a mobile phone into a navigation device. Your phone becomes a GPS navigator in areas without network coverage and it returns into a mobile phone that can navigate, receive calls and SMS and download data when coverage is available.  

A GPS Android enabled phone using BackCountry Navigator app is your best guide when you go for adventure hike or hunt especially if you are not familiar with the place and looking for a quiet adventure alone.  

You just need to pre-download maps before your trip and BackCountry Navigator GPS Android app will let you view these maps for you, wherever in the world you are. This means you may need to have various maps stored in your phone that will complement your lifestyle, whether it is in relation to work or for your different outdoor adventures.

For outdoor adventures, it is capable of waypoint marking, which labels a location for future reference, trip sharing that shares waypoints and tracks and can be used for future hiking or camping trips and tracking which means marking and saving a path as you hunt or hike.  

With GPS Android, finding a trail even if it's buried under the snow is simple and precise compared to the detailed process of a map and compass.  

With Backcountry Navigator GPS Android app, you find your way in the outdoors, guide you back safely, and let you share amazing places you’ve been while you are out there.