GPS app is used by GPS devices to identify a GPS user's location. This is done by using coordinates that users input into the device.  

Smartphones that use Android operating system are GPS capable. The real GPS chip in these phones is responsible for getting the exact location from the Global Navigation Satellite System of the United States. Once location is set, GPS navigation becomes possible.  

An Android GPS app ascertains navigation capability. It converts an Android smartphone into a GPS device without affecting its full feature as a mobile phone. A GPS App is an additional feature to enable the phone to function as two devices.  

Android GPS phones today are used as a navigation device for outdoor activities such as hiking, hunting, fishing, cross-country skiing, whitewater kayaking, equestrian and ATV activities. It is also used on search and rescue operations.  

Android smartphones using a GPS app are capable of waypoint marking, trip sharing and tracking (breadcrumbing) among the many.  

Waypoint marking labels a location for future reference. An example is an ideal spot inside a park with the best view of the sky to get a good GPS signal or a dangerous broken trail to avoid.

Trip sharing is sharing waypoints and tracks that can be used for future hiking or camping trips. Trip sharing is simply done by exporting the file in a GPX (GPS Exchange) file format.  

Tracking (breadcrumbing) means marking and saving a path as you hunt or hike. It is like a journal of your outdoor activities that you can view or again, share.  

Breadcrumbing is a modern word, which came from an old myth that people use breadcrumbs to mark their path as they walk inside the forest and as guide in coming back so that they won't get lost.  

With Backcountry Navigator GPS app, you find your way in the outdoors, guide you back safely, and give you options to find amazing places while you are out there.  

Have fun in discovering how it works.