Hiking with Android GPS Software and Goats

Today is Take Your Daughter to Work Day. As a guest blogger, eight year old Sierra comments on using Android gps software in hiking and what she has learned about topo maps and gps. 

One day my dad and I went on a hike.  We went with our goats, Galaxy and Sunshine. We went to Cold Creek Trail. One of us had to walk in front. When you got to walk in back, it was hard to control the goats because both of them wanted to be in front. We took turns being in front. We went across a bridge and while we were coming back, daddy took pictures of us near the creek that ran under the bridge. It was fun!

Hiking with Android Gps Software.

While we were hiking we found some good trails by using the maps in daddy’s phone. He also has a GPS in his phone. It shows us where we are on a topo map.
Today Dad showed me his topo maps on his Android phone. I think topo maps are good for hiking because they show you where it’s steep and where it’s flat. The topo maps show you where trails are. They also show you the location of rivers, creeks and lakes. It shows you contours and terrains, too.

I also learned about GPS today. It shows you where you are by talking to satellites. Dad’s Android GPS software shows your position on hiking maps.

I want to go hiking with Dad again and I think we should use Dad’s Android phone and the topo maps on it. I want to go to Cold Creek Trail and take our goats again. I hope we can stop and look at the pretty creek next time we go. I hope daddy uses the topo maps so we don’t get lost!

2 thoughts on “Hiking with Android GPS Software and Goats

  1. When can we get our hands on the Android version?

    Sierra, don’t let your daddy fool you. The GPS isn’t talking to the satellites. It can only listen to what they say. And from that it knows where on the map you are. Still pretty amazing, huh?

  2. It's probably a good thing that a GPS doesn't have a two way conversation with a satellite. The minutes would be extremely costly. Plus the privacy implications of NASA knowing where everyone is.  

    I hope you are following the Android newsletter. I made sure you were subscribed today.

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