Idaho BLM Maps for Android

Idaho BLM Maps for Android are now available. This is an add-on available for purchase from BackCountry Navigator PRO. This will show boundaries of public and private land as an overlay on any topo maps you download for backcountry use.

Idaho, nicknamed the Gem State because nearly every known gemstone can be found there, is the 43rd state in the Northwestern United States. It is the 14th largest state by land area, entirely enclosed by land with coastlines lying on closed seas. Idaho is a landlocked country.  

Amazingly, Idaho is one of the two places in the world where star garnets can be found. 6-ray Idaho star garnets from Emerald Creek are the most valuable and best quality star garnets ever known.

Its most popular crop is potato, which also earned it the name Potato State. 

Recreating on public land in Idaho means fishing, backpacking through primitive canyons or mountains or paddling through excellent whitewater. Northwest Idaho is a haven of blue rapid flowing rivers and cascading waterfalls while Southwestern Idaho is a breathtaking mosaic of desert, rivers and mountains that has lured visitors for centuries. Eastern Idaho offers the beauty of snow-capped Teton Range, which appears as high rolling hills that convert smoothly into flat pasture. Everything about Idaho is a dramatic experience of stunning scenery and rarity.  

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) manages nearly 12 million acres of public lands in Idaho, almost one-fourth of the state's total land area. BLM’s job is to maintain the health, diversity and productivity of the public lands so that future generations can also have the chance to enjoy it.   

BLM regulates outdoor activities by defining which is public land and private land through BLM maps. This land management gives direction to hunters to stay within areas of public land where hunting is allowed and avoid disputes from private property owners.   

The same regulation serves people who come to Idaho for camping, hiking, boating, hang gliding, shooting, off-road vehicle driving and mountain biking, birding and visiting natural and cultural heritage sites. Based on BLM maps, people will know if they are walking on private land or public land and avoid violation of BLM regulations.  

Hunting and fishing is legal in Idaho public lands as long as you hold a valid State license. Collecting natural materials on BLM public lands is also allowed except in developed recreation sites and areas where it has been prohibited and posted. 

It is permissible to collect reasonable amounts of the following for non-commercial purposes:
– Commonly available renewable resources such as flowers, berries, nuts, seeds, cones, and leaves.
– Nonrenewable resources such as rocks, mineral specimens, common invertebrate fossils, and semi-precious gemstones.
– Forest products for use in campfires on public lands.  

BackCountry Navigator Android GPS app has a BLM map available for Idaho. Since the development of GPS devices, digital mapping has become more popular than the use of actual paper maps. Android GPS maps are most convenient and with the help of BackCountry Navigator, mapping of places for outdoor adventures is now easy, convenient, safe and precise.  

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