Importing GPX Waypoints

BackCountry Navigator imports a variety of waypoint files in the GPX format, allowing you to benefit from GPS waypoints that are freely available on the internet.

Geocaching files are not the only waypoints available on the internet in GPX (GPS Exchange) format. Often you are able to find shared waypoints from people who have been to your destination, marked points, and made helpful notes.

The map below is an area surrounding Celebration Park and Halverson Lake in Southwest Idaho. Initially, it had no waypoints. had a great page with pictures and notes on this area. It also had a GPX file for download. When I imported the file, I then had the waypoints shown on the right.


Each of the waypoints from the file has descriptive notes that let me know what to see along the way.

As of 2.0, you can also bring in any recorded tracks from the GPX file.