List Management

BackCountry Navigator has a grid view of waypoints, places, and tracks you have defined.

Once you’ve acquired a number of places, tracks, and waypoints, by recording and/or importing them, you will want to be able to find them.

The menu item Action->List gives you a number of choices.

  • Nearest Waypoints: The waypoints closest to the GPS Position or center of map screen. Useful for finding the nearest caches to seek.
  • Nearest Places: The closest USGS places. Useful for finding geographic points nearby.
  • Waypoints: All waypoints currently defined in the current datafile.
  • Places: all places defined in the current datafile.
  • Tracks: All tracks that have been saved or imported in the current datafile.  

Choosing one of these menu items will populate the list and shift the view to the list page.

Once in this view, you are able to select an item for further actions.

Four basic actions are available:

  • Edit: loads a dialog to view or edit the item.
  • Delete: delete the item from the datafile.
  • Center: return the view to the map screen, centered on the selected item. For tracks, this centers on the first trackpoint found.
  • Goto: Activates the point as a Goto Waypoint.