Android Maps Used by GPS

Android maps are categorized into street maps, topo or topographic maps and aerial photography. The bases for choosing an Android GPS app are map types, map access, and styles of navigation.

An Android phone can be used as a GPS device that is capable of providing navigation, mapping and tracking information anywhere on earth, as long as it can access data from the satellites.

There are three types of maps used by Android GPS:

Street Maps
A street map is a map of a town or city, showing the positions and names of all the streets and roads for navigation.

Most GPS receivers that are sold are packaged with a pre-programmed road maps and basic traffic information such as street names, speed limits allowed on a certain street or road, traffic condition and even parking lot locations.

The compiled information contained in a street map will guide the user about his travel route, his current location and distance to his destination.

Topo or Topographic Maps
Topographic maps or topo maps for short is a detailed and accurate graphic representation of cultural and physical features of the earth. Cartographers plot topo maps on large sheets of paper using a ratio scale wherein a single measurement of the map represents a bigger area of the earth.

However, since the evolution of GPS, Android maps can now be downloaded and stored in an Android phone and with Backcountry Navigator GPS app, can be viewed online or offline.

Topo maps are ideal for hiking and backpacking because it shows images and shapes of landscapes and terrains, including elevations of mountain peaks.

A topo map is a broader and extended sketch of a street map. It can identify several cultural and natural ground features like water, vegetation and toponymy that street maps can’t.

Aerial Photography
An aerial photograph is any photo captured above the ground. Aerial photographs are very useful. Aside from being originally used in military operations, it is considered as an important map substitute in the Global Positioning System technology. It provides people on earth an incomparable instrument to see images of the different parts of the world and know what is actually happening with its environment.

Aerial photographs can be readily obtained and can be available as soon as it is taken unlike maps that take time to prepare. It can easily provide information about a monitored area like those hit by calamities and catastrophes. It aids in the evaluation of dangerous situations and helps in decision-making. Aerial photography can be relied on because it provides an on time view of the ground and exact changes from the time a map was made.

Android maps and aerial photography are best used with Backcountry Navigator GPS app. The accurate information that it can provide gives direction in times when safety is needed.