Missing Tiles Fix and other news

Hi everyone,

Happy Fourth of July Weekend! 

The latest update of BackCountry Navigator from today should resolve several issues. Most notably, missing tiles can appear when doing a download where the connectivity varies.

This blog entry talks about the issue: 


Also, the waypoint form was not always allowing you freedom of entry, in particular restricting a comma where a comma is necessary. Though the text is still gray it should work now. 

In other news, it should be possible to open a .gpx file from a pocket query or other source in Astro Explorer. 

Latest Survey Still Open:

The survey for BackCountry Navigator Android is still open at the following link:


And from the "feedback" menu item on the application itself. 

So far, we have received 29 responses. Based on this sample, Recording a Track (Breadcrumbing) is the most highly requested feature, while Nautical Charts and County Maps are among the least requested. So far, all respondents are male, so if there are any female users of the software, you might want to express your opinion as well. Of course, based on this article, there may not be any female users of the software: