Are you Loyal to Your Phone’s OS?

How is the loyalty to your phone's operating system? Do you care if your next phone has Windows Mobile, Android, BlackBerry or IPhone?
In a recent follow up survey of readers, we asked two basic questions:

  • What phone OS do you have now?
  • What phone OS do you believe you will have in two years?

The primary group of responders to the survey were those who now have Windows Mobile, or have used Windows Mobile at some point in the past. They have also expressed interest in using topographic maps on their phone at some point.   

Based on this survey, we are able to see a number of trends that indicate customer loyalty differs by their current operating system.

Loyalty to Current Operating System

Among those with Windows Mobile, 50% of users are likely to try the new Windows Phone 7, while another 12% are likely to stick with something Windows Mobile 6.5.x or lower. Another full 25% are likely to try an Android phone for their next device, while the remaining 12% or so are undecided. This fragmentation is not completely unexpected, given the slow to emerge announcement of the new Windows Phone 7, and the revelation that it will not be backwards compatible with other Windows Mobile products.  See also this link on the subject:

Loyalty was much greater to phone OSs outside of Windows Mobile. 100% of those who have already migrated to Android expect to stick with it for their next phone. While Blackberry and Palm Pre users were not as well represented in the survey, they expressed 100% loyalty to their present OS. 87% of IPhone were also likely to stay with this type of phone, while a smaller percentage (12%) wanted to try an Android.  

Of those who expect to try a new OS, Android topped the list. This is also not surprising, given its novelty and its small but growing presence in the marketplace.  
Reasons for Choosing

The comments from readers reveal as much as the numbers themselves. Those who chose a Windows Mobile OS cited familiarity, compatibility with apps such as Office. They also cited the likely continuity of Windows and apps across versions, even with the likely break between 6 and 7. 

Those looking for an Android OS cited the flexibility and openness of the platform, including an app environment that is not completely controlled by Apple or a phone carrier. They also had a more favorable view of Google than other corporations because of the contributions to Open Source. 

Those who plan to stay with the IPhone cited the Apps, and those who use the blackberry cited its popularity and efficiency in the business world. 

In news that is highly relevant to this website, about 90% of people saw the need for an application like BackCountry Navigator on their phone. The existing app landscape points to the greatest need on the Android OS, with opportunities also for Blackberry and others. A year from now, though, there is a good possibility that Windows Phone 7 will be in need of some outdoor navigation software.  

Your Responses:

The survey of present and future Phone OS is now published for review:

Mobile Phone OS Loyalty Survey Link


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