New Mexico BLM Maps

Hikers in New Mexico have been arrested in the past for trespassing on private lands. That's why every outdoors men and women are careful while on trail. A dispute with private landowners will ruin the planned adventure.

BackCountry Navigator Android GPS app have thought about a solution and decided to add New Mexico BLM maps to BackCountry Navigator PRO.

New Mexico has 13.4 million acres of public lands plus 26 million acres of federal oil, natural gas, and minerals. These lands contain nationally significant energy and mineral resources, a variety of great wildlife and an abundance of recreational opportunities. New Mexico BLM maps are always used to explore these recreational land areas.

The BLM protects and promotes the enjoyment of New Mexico’s cultural resources on public land. In addition, the BLM actively promotes the use of cultural resources for scientific study, classroom education as well as heritage tourism. With over 30,000 sites recorded on just the ten percent of BLM lands in New Mexico that have been inventoried, BLM New Mexico manages the agency’s largest cultural program. 

The BLM also places a strong emphasis on government-to-government relations with all the American Indian tribes in the four-state area. Many Tribes and tribal members do business with BLM. The BLM works closely with tribes to conserve and protect cultural and natural resources on public lands while ensuring that private lands are untouched. These American Indian tribes and BLM uses New Mexico BLM maps to define public land areas for conservation and protection.

New Mexico has outstanding national monuments and wilderness areas, unique historic and prehistoric sites, and developed recreation sites.  Public lands in New Mexico offers breathtaking sceneries from rolling prairies,  open woodlands, desert peaks – everything that distinguish the iconic landscapes of the American West.

Here's a video why New Mexico is called the "Land of Enchantment":

The most popular recreation areas in New Mexico are found in Carlsbad, Farmington, Las Cruces, Rio Puerco, Roswell, Socorro and Taos.

Outdoor activities vary from hiking/backpacking, fishing, boating/kayaking, off-highway vehicles, caving, hunting, mountain biking, camping, target shooting, horseback riding, geocaching and wildlife viewing.

Hikers, bicyclists, equestrians, hunters, OHV users and other public lands users have a certain thing in common – a love for the outdoors. However, they must stay on existing or designated roads and trails unless an area is specifically opened for cross-country travel. They must have the New Mexico BLM maps stored in their Android smartphone to guide them. This BLM add-on maps can be purchased from BackCountry Navigator PRO. Simply go to "purchase add-on" menu. 

Have fun and take care. Don't forget the maps.