New Zealand Topographic Maps

A New Zealand topographic map is a new map source available at BackCountry Navigator.

Below is an introductory video.

New Zealand topo maps sourced its information from Land Information New Zealand (LINZ), the country’s national mapping organization for the past centuries. LINZ is the source of New Zealand’s geographical information and responsible for the country’s national topographic mapping until the present.   

New Zealand topographic maps are used by businesses for mapping new land projects, by government departments as aid in promoting tourism and by tourists for hiking or wandering around the country. 

BackCountry Navigator Android GPS app is one of the applications that support an offline New Zealand topo map. It can be downloaded directly through the app using Mobile Atlas Creator or through their website at 

New Zealand topographic maps mentioned BackCountry Navigator as one of the mapping applications that can be used by an Android phone to access a New Zealand topo maps in offline mode.

Offline navigation means that you can select a specific location within the New Zealand topographic map before you head out to areas that may or may not have a network signal. A well-designed Android GPS app such as BackCountry Navigator will let you download the map and view your location even without network coverage. It is maximizing GPS at its best by overriding the need for a GPS signal.

Mobile Atlas Creator was created for downloading sections of maps from online sources like the internet. This is because it is almost impossible to download the topo map of a whole country in any GPS smartphone. The complete set of data is too huge for the capacity of a GPS device. Mobile Atlas Creator is used in cases where only a portion of a map is needed for offline use.   

To preview the New Zealand topographic maps on your Android device please visit .   

To access a preview of an offline New Zealand topo map, please go to this link.   

A safe, sustainable and innovative society relies on having ready access to topographic information. With the help of LINZ, it ensures that New Zealand topographic mapping information is capable of serving the country’s changing needs.