Ordering a Printed Topo Map

It can be easy and helpful to order a paper topo map. This video explains how:

Order a Printed Topo Map

Although many of you have digital topo maps in your Android phone with BackCountry Navigator, it is helpful to have a paper topo map for the following reasons:

  • It is easier to see a larger area at once
  • It is easy to share amongst a group on a hike or backpacking trip. 
  • It is great for teaching map reading skills to members of the group. 
  • It saves battery life while using it for just browsing the area.  

MyTopo has been a great sponsor of BackCountry Navigator, and has provided, free of charge to you, access to its collection of shaded and enhanced topo maps for download to your phone.

MyTopo also can provide you a customized waterproof printed topo map, with much higher quality than you will ever get on your home inkjet. You can choose where you want it centered, whether to mix in aerial photography, and what kind of grid or tick marks you want to include. 

Today I created a video that shows you the process of ordering a printed, waterproof Topo Map from MyTopo.   

Watch the video on YouTube

Or try it yourself by ordering a topo map today!

I encourage everyone to order at least one map to show support for the maps we are using in BackCountry Navigator. To be compatible with your Android maps, order it in the datum NAD83 (which is the default anyway).