New Zealand Topographic Maps

A New Zealand topographic map is a new map source available at BackCountry Navigator.

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New Zealand topo maps sourced its information from Land Information New Zealand (LINZ), the country’s national mapping organization for the past centuries. LINZ is the source of New Zealand’s geographical information and responsible for the country’s national topographic mapping until the present.   

New Zealand topographic maps are used by businesses for mapping new land projects, by government departments as aid in promoting tourism and by tourists for hiking or wandering around the country. 

BackCountry Navigator Android GPS app is one of the applications that support an offline New Zealand topo map. It can be downloaded directly through the app using Mobile Atlas Creator or through their website at http://www.nztopomaps.com. 

New Zealand topographic maps mentioned BackCountry Navigator as one of the mapping applications that can be used by an Android phone to access a New Zealand topo maps in offline mode.

Offline navigation means that you can select a specific location within the New Zealand topographic map before you head out to areas that may or may not have a network signal. A well-designed Android GPS app such as BackCountry Navigator will let you download the map and view your location even without network coverage. It is maximizing GPS at its best by overriding the need for a GPS signal.

Mobile Atlas Creator was created for downloading sections of maps from online sources like the internet. This is because it is almost impossible to download the topo map of a whole country in any GPS smartphone. The complete set of data is too huge for the capacity of a GPS device. Mobile Atlas Creator is used in cases where only a portion of a map is needed for offline use.   

To preview the New Zealand topographic maps on your Android device please visit http://m.nztopomaps.com .   

To access a preview of an offline New Zealand topo map, please go to this link. http://www.nztopomaps.com/offline   

A safe, sustainable and innovative society relies on having ready access to topographic information. With the help of LINZ, it ensures that New Zealand topographic mapping information is capable of serving the country’s changing needs.


GPS Android

Since the launch of mobile phones running on Android platform, GPS Android transformed the mobile market into a diverse environment of communication and navigation. These two, communication and navigation, are the most frequent activities of people every day.

One of the most valuable contributions of Android platform is its support for GPS Android applications.    

Mobile phone that runs on Android platform has a real GPS chip in it that obtains location from GPS satellites. GPS Android can receive location from GPS satellites regardless of any location.  

BackCountry Navigator is one of the best and must have GPS Android app. It supports the three types of maps: street map, topographic maps or topo maps and aerial photograph. It also meets the qualifications for choosing a GPS Android app, which are map types, map access, and styles of navigation.  

The key factor of BackCountry Navigator GPS Android is its capability to turn a mobile phone into a navigation device. Your phone becomes a GPS navigator in areas without network coverage and it returns into a mobile phone that can navigate, receive calls and SMS and download data when coverage is available.  

A GPS Android enabled phone using BackCountry Navigator app is your best guide when you go for adventure hike or hunt especially if you are not familiar with the place and looking for a quiet adventure alone.  

You just need to pre-download maps before your trip and BackCountry Navigator GPS Android app will let you view these maps for you, wherever in the world you are. This means you may need to have various maps stored in your phone that will complement your lifestyle, whether it is in relation to work or for your different outdoor adventures.

For outdoor adventures, it is capable of waypoint marking, which labels a location for future reference, trip sharing that shares waypoints and tracks and can be used for future hiking or camping trips and tracking which means marking and saving a path as you hunt or hike.  

With GPS Android, finding a trail even if it's buried under the snow is simple and precise compared to the detailed process of a map and compass.  

With Backcountry Navigator GPS Android app, you find your way in the outdoors, guide you back safely, and let you share amazing places you’ve been while you are out there.  



GPS app is used by GPS devices to identify a GPS user's location. This is done by using coordinates that users input into the device.  

Smartphones that use Android operating system are GPS capable. The real GPS chip in these phones is responsible for getting the exact location from the Global Navigation Satellite System of the United States. Once location is set, GPS navigation becomes possible.  

An Android GPS app ascertains navigation capability. It converts an Android smartphone into a GPS device without affecting its full feature as a mobile phone. A GPS App is an additional feature to enable the phone to function as two devices.  

Android GPS phones today are used as a navigation device for outdoor activities such as hiking, hunting, fishing, cross-country skiing, whitewater kayaking, equestrian and ATV activities. It is also used on search and rescue operations.  

Android smartphones using a GPS app are capable of waypoint marking, trip sharing and tracking (breadcrumbing) among the many.  

Waypoint marking labels a location for future reference. An example is an ideal spot inside a park with the best view of the sky to get a good GPS signal or a dangerous broken trail to avoid.

Trip sharing is sharing waypoints and tracks that can be used for future hiking or camping trips. Trip sharing is simply done by exporting the file in a GPX (GPS Exchange) file format.  

Tracking (breadcrumbing) means marking and saving a path as you hunt or hike. It is like a journal of your outdoor activities that you can view or again, share.  

Breadcrumbing is a modern word, which came from an old myth that people use breadcrumbs to mark their path as they walk inside the forest and as guide in coming back so that they won't get lost.  

With Backcountry Navigator GPS app, you find your way in the outdoors, guide you back safely, and give you options to find amazing places while you are out there.  

Have fun in discovering how it works.


Whitewater Android Maps

Whitewater Android maps are now available to help users enjoy whitewater with their Android device as a navigation aid. 

Whitewater kayaking is one of the sports that are favored today because it is not only an outdoor sport, it tests the paddler’s skill, expertise and stamina.

There are professional paddlers who want challenge by braving the rapids and there are those who paddle for leisure and enjoy the nature’s trail with the whole family. 

Navigation in whitewater has been a great concern for paddlers. There are plenty of handbooks and guides for whitewater. However, this does not give the paddlers real time navigation. They need a device that can give them complete information about their exact location on the river.   

When Android mobile platform was launched, Android GPS turned smartphones into a GPS device, usable for whitewater and other activities. BackCountry Navigator, listed as one of the best Android travel apps, offers a whitewater trail map as an add-on purchase. The data comes from US Trailmaps, Inc, known for creation of GPS grade digital maps and trail systems. 

With the current presence of Android mobile devices, whitewater android maps have become a convenient accessory. 

The Whitewater for Android maps will guide you to rivers and runs you wish to explore. It provides information about access points and navigation to put-ins and takeouts. With these maps, you can explore new rivers and recreation areas.   BackCountry Navigator's Whitewater Android trail maps provides information such as:
5,017 rapids runs covering 50 US states
49,222 total miles of rapids
9,397 put in and take out access points  

 Venturing into the world of whitewater kayaking is an inherently dangerous activity. It is just you and a small boat against what the nature has to offer. Make sure that you have received the proper training first and now completely familiar with the boat and the equipment needed to traverse whitewater safely.

Most of all, ensure that your Android GPS device is ready, configured and protected to get the best of your whitewater adventure, whether it is for the challenge or enjoying a rare family time.    

Whitewater Android maps are available as an in-app or add-on purchase with BackCountry Navigator PRO.


Android Maps

Mobile OS of Smartphones swiftly evolved from Palm to one of the most successful and widely used mobile OS these days, which is Android.  

Android is an operating system capable of storing multiple applications accomplished by third party developers. These applications are intended to improve lives and give comfort to the users. 

BackCountry Navigator is an Android mapping application for Android GPS devices. It is perfect for people who love adventures in the backcountry. The distinct characteristic that separates it from other GPS apps is its capability to store, download and view maps from an Android phone even without network coverage.

BackCountry Navigator is ideal for off-road navigation. Together with a topographic Android map, are often used for activities like:
ATV and 

Android maps have plenty of built in map sources, which allows you to create your own maps with Mobile Atlas Creator. Built in sources includes:
OpenStreetMaps and NASA landsat data worldwide
MyTopo.com topo maps of US and Canada
OpenCycleMaps showing terrain worldwide
USGS Color Aerial photography
UK Ordinance Survey Explorer Maps
Topographic Maps of Spain and Italy
Outdoor maps of Germany and Austria
Topo maps of New Zealand  

BackCountry Navigator Android maps are often used in the following: 
Record tracks and GPS waypoints of your trip
Hiking trails and off trail
Finding a perfect camping site or find your way back to the camp
Wild game hunting trips in rugged areas • Recon for the hunt or a live hunting trip
Navigate and mark your favorite bait fishing or fly-fishing spots 
Search and Rescue (SAR)
Kayak and canoe trips on inland lakes, streams or marine coastal waters
Backpacking trips for the wilderness and national forests using Android GPS topo maps for navigation 
Snow adventures including snowmobiling, skiing (alpine or cross-country) and snowshoeing  

BackCountry Navigator ATV and snowmobile trail maps are now available as in app or add-on purchase and can be downloaded from the Android market. Equestrian and whitewater kayaking Android maps will be available soon.  

Android phones are a better substitute for handheld devices like Garmin and Magellan because of BackCountry Navigator’s real time navigation. That’s why BackCountry Navigator Android GPS app is one of the top chosen Android applications in Travel category.   

BackCountry Navigator Android maps gives users a chance to try it for free to ensure that the quality of the maps in their corresponding country meets the user’s expectations. Preload free offline topo maps, aerial photos and road maps on your storage card and explore how it works.  

Find your own way and have fun in the outdoors with Android maps. Be adventurous by venturing into new territories beyond cell service boundaries with your GPS. Be a pro in GPS navigation.  

Have fun and safe GPS adventures in the backcountry.  


Android GPS Snowmobile Maps

Snowmobile Trail Maps for Android are available as an add-on purchase with BackCountry Navigator PRO. These are created by US Trailmaps, Inc. 

One of the many ways to have fun in the snow-covered backcountry of the US is through snowmobiling. Snowmobiling is an adventure that gives you a chance to enjoy hundreds of thousands of acres of stunning territories, even in areas that are too secluded to be easily accessible.

If you are one of the snowmobilers who are smart enough to use an Android phone as a GPS device, you will appreciate BackCountry Navigator snowmobile maps. It will save you long hours of research to locate your planned rides because these maps include thousands of numbered intersections for reference with added detail such as a trail names. It also has search capability. 

BackCountry Navigator snowmobile map contains over 195,000 miles of trails complete with information for full navigation. 

BackCountry Navigator Android GPS app lets you download and view snowmobile maps in your Android device even in areas without network coverage. Only BackCountry Navigator can function as offline navigator, which means it can still provide GPS service even in areas without network coverage. The trails that you've previously previewed or downloaded will even show on the maps. 

BackCountry Navigator is the best Android GPS app for snowmobiling because it completes the objective of US Trailmaps to provide snowmobilers with real time navigation. 

Android snowmobile maps include:
50,699 trails covering 27 US states and 5 Canadian provinces
195,310 total miles of trails
3,306 named and numbered trail intersections

To view the coverage of the map and find out your favorite trails, preview can be found here: http://www.ustrailmaps.com/products/snowmobile.cfm or view the example here.

BackCountry Navigator sells snowmobile maps for Android.

Snowmobile Maps for Android can be purchased from the Android market from within BackCountry Navigator PRO. You can find it by using the menu item More-> "Purchasing Add-ons".  


Using “Smart Phones” in direct sunlight

I did a survey where I blasted the use of these devices in direct sunlight. I believe my response was “useless”. Since then I acquired a 3M 98-0440-5210-2 Privacy Screen Filter from precision.com for $15.95 plus shipping. I had to cut it down with scissors but it sticks on & if your orient it correctly it works well enough to make a smart phone “useful”. It’s not perfect but does make a difference & finger touching still works fine. I also filed down both the power button & the level control button so I have to use my fingernail to use them thus eliminating their always getting pushed accidentally while hiking. I am a “thru” hiker (I’ve done the PCT twice, the CDT once & I will be finishing the PNT this year) & want to use BackCountry Navigator & my HTC Incredible instead of my Garmin.

BackCountry Navigator works so much better than my Garmin. The only issue is downloading maps which is too slow, but doable. I’m still trying to get Mobile Atlas Creator figured out but don’t have time now to deal with it.




I have not used this program much but just saw that I am suppose to be able to use it for Geocaching. I read the instructions. Went to Geocaching.com and had it send me all the caches in my area I loaded them on my Samsung Galaxy Tab and opened them. The caches installed in every other map program on my tab except BackCountry Navigator. It was not even one of my choices.

Is there some simple thing I can do to get the GPX files into BackCOuntry?

By the way, doesn’t anybody moderate these forums? What is with the wedding dress posts??

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