BN 1.1.1 Won’t install

I’m trying to upgrade my Backstreet Navigator.  I installed the new .NET framework on my PC and then tried to run the .MSI installer.  After flashing a few progress bars, the BN installer says: “Exception Occurred while initializing the installation: System.BadImageFormatException: The format of the file ‘CustomInstallStep.dll’ is invalid”

I redownloaded the MSI to no avail.  BN .09 still installs and works… but I would really like to upgrade.  Any help would be appreciated.


How do you clear waypoint database?

I’ve imported some GPX files some of which had name overlaps.  BN is not smart enough to merge them… so now I’m using GSAK to manage the GPX files.  But when I import the GPX file to BN, duplicate names are created.  How do I CLEAR the waypoint database so that I can avoid duplicates?


Purchasing BackCountry Navigator


BackCountry Navigator can only be purchased through Android Market at this time. Buy BackCountry Navigator PRO for an one time fee of $9.99, subject to change at any time. 

If you wish, first install BackCountry Navigator DEMO from the market. This will function for a limited time so you can ensure that it is working.  

You can use the software indefinitely by purchasing BackCountry Navigator PRO in the market.   

There is no plan for transfer of licenses from a Windows Mobile phone to an Android phone.

Note that the Windows Desktop version is compatible with the Windows Mobile but not with the Android version at this time. 

PLEASE NOTE: The Windows and Windows Mobile Products are no longer available for sale. Microsoft abruptly decided to shutdown Microsoft Research maps on May 1,2012.  

Windows Mobile/Desktop

Once you have tried out the software trial, it is a great time to purchase a license.

Current Price: $35 USD

No recurring cost for maps, subscriptions, or anything else.   

You can now purchase a license to BackCountry Navigator through the following link:

This link will take you to CritterMap Software's secure server. Your purchase will show up on your credit card statement as a payment to CritterMap Software.

Upon purchase, you will receive an activation code that will remove the time restrictions from your copy of BackCountry Navigator.

You will also be eligible for all future minor version updates that we continually make to the software. Once activated, BackCountry Navigator will continue to function without limitation even as you install updates.

Purchasing a license permits you to continue to use the software on your device indefinitely. We hope you will have fun navigating in the outdoors for months and years to come.  

Your purchase also supports our efforts to continue to improve the software and incorporate the many great suggestions we have received from our users.

Desktop Version:

The dekstop version is an additional utility that runs BackCountry Navigator on your Windows PC. This is available for registration for a price of $25 USD.


A Couple Of Suggestions

I’m testing Back Country Navigator, and am pretty sure I’m going to purchase it. I love that I can download maps directly to my Ipaq HX4700 using an Internet connection. Big plus.

I was wondering if it would be possible to:

– Increase the font size in the Nav screen, or make the text more legible. I find on my Ipaq HX4700 when running VGA mode that the distance and other details are difficult to read while trekking. Perhaps use a dashboard-like graphic to show distance to waypoint, altitude, speed, etc?

– Add elements of the Nav screen to the map screen, such as distance to waypoint and altitude?

Thanks for a great product!


Arkon DM520 not working with Backcountry

I am using the Arkon DM520 (see http://www.arkon.com/aximmount.php).  When I configure the GPS using COM1 the program states it is connected to the GPS.  However, no data is being passed into the Backcountry application.  I confirmed the GPS is working by closing the program and opening MobileNavigator.  The GPS data seems to be fine in this application.  Again, I exit and close the program and re-run Backcountry and still receive the same problem.  The program states it is connected, but data is not being passed to the application.  I have performed a soft reset on the PDA, restarted the GPS several times, and attempted to do everything else I can think of to get the application to read the data from the GPS.  The GPS is clearly working, the com port seems to be connected, just the data is not being passed into the application.



Being able to use this application in a military field environment would be useful.  The military mainly uses the MGRS (military grid reference system) for their mapping coordinates.  Normally this is based on the WGS84 Datum set.  Is there any way this feature could be incorporated into the product?


DellX50v problems

I have loaded the software okay and I can download the maps okay, but the maps do not display at all.  I can zoom in and out and the scale changes but no images of maps of aerials.  The program seems to crash too.
Any thoughts?


Can’t Enter GPS Position

???  Looks like a fun tool……If I can get it to work! Keep getting the same error…



Happens every time I try to enter my position….Don’t have any trouble getting a fix.  Just won’t let me save my position.

Also Links to download maps aren’t active……Greyed out.  Help!  This looks like the kind of app I would like to use!