Pinch and Zoom Plus Slow Map Servers.

Hi, everyone. 

Today's newsletter contains tips on the latest Pinch and Zoom functionality, and a warning about some slow servers. 

Pinch And Zoom 
Last Thursday, we were able to make our first update, 3.3, with Pinch And Zoom functionality for Android 2.01 and above. This means that you will be able to use two fingers to zoom out and in on the map much as you do with Google Maps or the Android browser.   

This wasn't necessarily even planned for this date, but it was an opportunity with some of the hardware we just acquired to test. I've tried it and found it to be quite fun, and wondered how I did without it.  

Slow Map Servers (formerly called TerraServer-USA) seems to be having some issues in the last week. The site was completely down last Monday and has been slow ever since.

The two map sources affected by this are USGS Topos and USGS Black and White Aerial Photos. Based on stats, these sources are not widely used once users discover maps and USGS Color Aerials, which don't have the same slowdown. For this reason, I've considered pulling them out of the menu of choices.  

Does it do any harm to have those servers available? There is more confusion for the end user when having some Map Sources that we can't really recommend, unless they recover.  Furthermore, they degrade the performance of the app to a tedious crawl,and lead to negative impressions and comments on the market. An alternative is to leave them on but push them deeper in the list.  

Tracking Work Continues. 
Work continues on track recording, and I'll be testing it out in the field within a few days. The option is already available to import a GPX file containing tracks by opening it in Astro Explorer or similar explorer.  

Have a great day!

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3 thoughts on “Pinch and Zoom Plus Slow Map Servers.

  1. WOW, I never tried anything other then the top source. maps and USGS Color Aerials change the whole game. Snappy and gives me an option what to look at. Thanks for the heads up. I also LOVE the new pinch and zoom, works flawlessly on my Moto Droid.

    Thanks for going Android.


  2. My recommendation for the slow servers is to move them down lower in the list. Personally I have enjoyed using the USGS topo maps and would like to have them available as an option instead of seeing the all over the maps.

  3. Don’t take away USGS Topos or USGS Black and White Aerial. I will be unhappy that I paid for the program. Those are the only two maps I use. Where I live (Arizona) the new maps ( don’t show many roads or trails or features that really do exist. A few years ago the National Forest Service worked with USGS to remove select roads off of the maps. Those roads/trails are still there, and I use them.
    Also, in Arizona, they move a lot of roads, and I want to explore the old area (old road alignment).
    I don’t mind at all if you even put the USGS maps under a SUB MENU, and I have to push 20 buttons to get them, just keep them. Yes, I know their server sucks, but the data is valuable. Thank you.

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