Running BackCountry Navigator on Windows Mobile

BackCountry Navigator is software that runs on your Windows Mobile Device, turning your everyday planning tool or cell phone into a useful outdoor navigation device.

System Requirements: The following are the current requirements to run the BackCountry Navigator Software.

  • Pocket PC or Windows Mobile Device with a touchscreen running Pocket PC 2003, Windows Mobile 5, Window Mobile 6, or later .
  • Aproximately 4 Megabytes of file storage for the program files.
  • Approximately 10 Megabytes of Program Memory free when running.

Most Windows Mobile devices purchased anytime in the last few years will easily meet these requirements. BackCountry Navigator runs in the .NET Compact Framework, giving you a maximum of stability and consistency across Windows Mobile Platforms.

In addition, it is suggested you have the following for maximum enjoyment of the product:

  • Storage space for maps and datapoints. This is in the form of a Compact Flash (CF) or Secure Digital (SD) memory card. Newer devices often have a built in Storage area or Flash Rom Disk, making additional cards unnecessary.  
  • Pocket PC GPS Receiver. This is not required for viewing the maps, but Helpful for displaying your location on them. Some devices have them built in, while it is easy to get a bluetooth, compact flash, or other external receiver.

Like most Windows Mobile software, BackCountry Navigator can be downloaded from the Internet and installed from your desktop computer to your mobile device over ActiveSync. You can download the trial version from this site to ensure that it works on your particular device.

Up next, you will see how easy it is to load maps using BackCountryNavigator.