Survey Results and Consequences

Thanks to all who participated in our most recent survey. We had 116 people complete the survey and the summary results are now available: 

Results of survey

While hiking was the single biggest activity done with BackCountry Navigator, three activities that should have been on the short list are hunting, cycling, and offroad driving (vehicles or motorcycles). Topographic maps were the most used feature. We also found a predominance of male users, and that more people were interested in using a Star Trek Tricorder than switching to Windows Mobile without a touchscreen.  

For those who suggested it, there is a Tricorder app on Android. I haven't learned to do anything useful with it yet, but the guy in me thinks it's way cool.  

The results of the survey have spawned a number of other items on the site:

  • The gender distribution started a new blog entitled 'Is GPS just a Stupid Guy Thing' with comments from Dave Barry and Dilbert.
  • A new blog entry is also available called the "The Future of Windows Mobile"
  • A short followup survey has been spawned that allows you to vote for the platforms where BackCountry Navigator will be in the future by guessing what your next phone will be:

The latter two items come up not just because of the emerging choices in Mobile Operating Systems, but also the news that Windows Phone 7 will not be backwards compatible with previous Windows Mobile Versions.  

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