Track Recording and What’s Up Ahead

Hello Android Outdoor enthusiasts!

There is much to cover in today's message, including Track Recording, a new video, the status of BackCountry Navigator Demo, and some survey results.  

Track Recording in Android
Today, I've made a release that is the first to allow you to push the record button and record some tracks. It records points according to some standard settings.

I'm sure many of you will be anxious to build on this functionality, and be able to see trip analysis, export and share tracks with others, and import tracks from a kml file as well as GPX. Work will continue in these areas. 

Video: Geocaching for Android
A new video is out, showing the process of using a pocket query from It is linked on our facebook page.  Do check it out and share with others. 

BackCountry Navigator Facebook page

Note that gmail will generally allow you to click on attachments as in the video. If your email client instead saves attachments to the storage card. It is recommended to use Astro Explorer or similar program to find and open GPX files for import.  

BackCountry Navigator DEMO on trial
With the latest release, users are able to use the software for up to 16 days. Hopefully, that gives people enough time to decide that it is for them. 

Since I am not able to directly answer comments in the Market, I will mention some of them here.

  • One person couldn't zoom in beyond the whole United States. Bryan, if you are on this list, please do contact me. I cannot contact you through the Market nor the survey. I am able to zoom in much farther, as I believe most of you can.  If *anyone* cannot zoom in more than the entire United States, please let me know. 
  • Differences between demo and licensed version. There are occasional complaints that the DEMO version isn't unlimited, or that new features didn't suddenly appear in a licensed copy. Although it is more common in the Android Market to have a limited and full version, our intention is to continue to offer a fully featured version that is limited in time. This allows you to see exactly what to expect before purchase.

If you have had a good experience with BackCountry Navigator DEMO and/or License, feel free to leave some comments in the Market, or, even better, tell your friends about the app.  

Survey Results and Feature Priorities 
Our goal is to make BackCountry Navigator a full featured navigation experience, replacing a dedicated outdoor gps unit for many. To this end, there are quite a few more features we, as many of you, would like to see in the software.  While there is not enough money in Android apps to be able to hire a huge team of developers, we are trying to make progress in the most requested features, with updates every week. 

To get an idea of what is in high demand, see the following survey results. 

Survey Results for BackCountry Navigator. 

This survey will still be open from the feedback menu until we have posted a new survey for August.  

Have a great day!


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  1. 1. how do you delete a trip – I have a trip that has a mistake in it and it is useless.
    2. how do you combine trips. I want to have all the actual snowmobile trips I have taken in a region combined as a trip map of that region.

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