Tracking your Path

Also known as breadcrumbing, tracking is a much requested feature of BackCountry Navigator. As of version 2.0, this feature allows you to mark and save a path, and export it in a GPX file for sharing or viewing. 

To illustrate this feature, we are again making a trek around a neighborhood. When you have a GPS fix, use the GPS-> Track-> On menu item to initiate a track.  You will begin to see a line behind you as you walk around the neighborhood.

Once the track is complete, as in the above right, you can choose Action-> GPS->Track->Save to save it in your map database. Tracks that have been saved will then show up when you load them into the list tab by choosing Action->List->Tracks.   

You can choose one of the saved tracks and edit to choose its display color, name, description.

Any tracks in your current map will be exported along with your waypoints when you export your data in GPX (GPS Exchange Format).

Onced the data is saved to a GPX file, it can be shared with other users or viewed in a variety of desktop software, such as TopoFusion, EasyGPS, or Google Earth.