Trailcamming with an Android GPS

Capturing the movements of wild animals in its rare, natural and fluid state is a challenging task. It is an achievement, too.

A trail camera is essential for hunters in tracking big animals like elks and deers. It is intended to capture images of these animals without disturbing their habitat. Areas usually frequented by these animals is determined and then a trail camera is placed on their track.

The camera should be well hidden and scent free. Animals may not always detect a trail cam but they can identify a different scent that will disturb them, causing these animals to pass the other way.

For many who love the outdoors, the possibilities of capturing a story in motion are infinite. Trail cameras are not only for elks and for deers; it is for anything about nature that brings joy.

Follow your wish for a liberating and wonderful experience of the outback. Capture it with a trail cam and use BackCountry Navigator to guide your adventure.

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  1. Thanks for posting the video Zoraya. We like it! We hope others do to!
    John and Bucky

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