Trials, Tracks, and Mystery Comments

Hello, users of BackCountry Navigator on Android. I want to share some news and respond to some comments.  

Demo version and trial:
We have extended the DEMO version so that those who recently downloaded it can use it through July 31st. Beyond then, we expect to provide a trial that will last about 16 days from first use.  

Tracking in Android
Tracking, or breadcrumbing, has consistently been a highly requested feature and is at the top of our survey. Therefore, Ive been spending a lot of time on it these last few weeks. As of last Thursday, there was some promising progress based on the ability to draw tracks on a map from a GPX file. Some of the progress is mentioned on this post:

Tracking on Topo Maps for Android 

This is good news for performance, and means that the rest of you will be able to try it fairly soon. 

Mystery Comments
I am glad that the people on this mailing list have been fairly helpful in providing feedback and reporting bugs in BackCountry Navigator for Android. 

The Comment system in the Android Market hasn't always been as helpful. While I'm sure comments are intended to be helpful, the fact that I can't respond to comments or ask for more information, has left me with some mysteries. If any of you reading this know more, you can probably help me. These are all comments on BackCountry Navigator Demo where I may need more information, OR know the answers but can't respond directly:

  • Confusing. Doesn't really work: Though I have some ideas, I do not not know what was confusing or didn't really work for this user. Perhaps I'll be asking for the most confusing things in next month's survey.
  • Color Aerial Photos are not as new as Google: I'd hesitate to tell any user he is is wrong, but on this aspect, it may vary by state and by rural vs urban. Where my house is, Google maps shows no structure, meaning it is at least 2.5 years old, and the USGS photos show both the house and the goat house, dating it at less than 9 months.    
  • Make the location pointer more defined. In the latest release, we've changed it to a red icon, but there is more we can do there if needed.
  • Ads plus expiration date: I assume one user didn't like the fact that there were limitations to a DEMO version. Nonetheless, we've opted for a simpler banner that just reminds you to buy the license.  If anyone says that the DEMO version is just to lure everyone into buying a paid version, they are correct. 
  • Brutally slow at zooming with maps: While one can zoom in faster by press and hold on the zoom buttons, the user may have been hoping for pinch and zoom, which is a valid request. I'm getting more hardware in to look at that. 

Hope this is helpful to anyone who has seen or made these comments. You can always ask me more questions if this is isn't clear. I do appreciate all the positive comments made on the Market so far. It is one of the best ways to get more people to try the app.    

Have a great day!

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