Urgent: Assisted GPS Settings in Droids

I need to find out something from anyone using a Motorola phone. 

Please answer the following questions. 

Does your location settings have 'Enable Assisted GPS' as in the picture below?

If you turn off 'Enable Assisted GPS' AND turn on airplane mode, can you get a fix when using the GPS inside BackCountry Navigator? 

Location settings in Droid.

5 thoughts on “Urgent: Assisted GPS Settings in Droids

  1. I have a Droid 2. In order to get any GPS signal, I have to turn off airplane mode. Then, after I get a GPS fix, I can turn on airplane mode, and my GPS lock is retained.
    It seems to have the same behavior whether “Enable Assisted GPS” is checked or not. I’m able to get a fix inside BackCountry Navigator after performing those steps.

  2. I was able to get a gps fix with enable assisted gps unchecked, and in airplane mode. I don’t know if rooted is making a difference? Running stock ROM.

    edit. tried it today after a fresh reboot, I had the same results as Jesse.

  3. I don’t have “enable Assisted GPS” I just have “Turn on GPS Satellites” Mine has worked fine in airplane mode but I have to get a fix before I turn airplane mode on.I had a weird bug today however. I was hiking and everything was working fine, when all of a sudden it said that I had gone 78 miles when I had only gone 2.4? It appeared to show a 25 mile line out and back on my phone. Any suggestions on this?

  4. sheideman, thanks for bringing that to my attention I was assuming that the ” use wireless networks — location determined by wifi and or mobile networks — ” setting was the same as ” enable assisted gps ” however after looking a little closer at nathans picture I realize they are not the same . This has me wondering what exactly assisted gps is? ?

  5. I have the moto droid 1 and have the exact same results as jesse …..

    edit ….

    …… Oops my mistake . The original moto droid does not have the setting please see correction below

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