Using a Map File from the Desktop Edition

The BackCountry Navigator Desktop Edition allows you to put a map together more quickly and more easily. 

The same steps are involved for creating a Map on your PC as on your Windows Mobile device. The interfaces looks similar, but the window can be maximized to use the entire screen. 

Once you’ve gone through the process of marking points and/or downloading map images, the whole package can be transfered to your device as a single .db3 file. 

Find the .db3 file that you have created on your hard drive. Then use ActiveSync, or Windows Mobile Device Center, to create an explorer window on your device. Drag and drop the file into a folder on your storage card.   

BackCountry Navigator Desktop Edition

One the file is in place, you are ready to use it. Start BackCountry Navigator on Windows Mobile, choose Program->File->Open Existing, and then choose the file you have placed there. It’s ready to go. 

BackCountry Navigator Desktop Edition