Learning about Topographic Maps through Video

I just created my first YouTube Video about using topographic maps on an Android phone. In the process I learned some things about how effective a video can be in demonstrating a concept like the use of topo maps.  

Using a simple tripod, I managed to focus a home video camera on the screen of my Android phone as I viewed topographic maps in BackCountry Navigator. I didn't actually star in this video, since you don't see a person's face, but you do get a good view of the Android phone screen with a topo map on it, as well a finger coming in from nowhere scrolling the map on the screen.  

While I have personally used online video to catch up on highlights of tv shows, where I've often found it most useful is to learn new skills or review old one.  

As I posted this video focused on Android and topographic maps, I encountered related videos covering topo maps from many aspects, including some instructional one that help you learn about using topographic maps in general.  

Below is the video that you can view in YouTube. While there, check out some of the related videos for additional learning. If there are some related topics you would like to see a video on, please comment. I may want to do some future videos that cover reading contour lines and other features on a topo map.