Viewing the Map you Created

The software allows you freely zoom and pan around the map you create on your pocket PC device, loading different resolutions based on the scale.  

Varying levels of detail are available for the map you have created. On the left is a good overview of the area I wish to kayak in. I wish to take the Lewis River out to the Columbia, then go up the Lake River to finish up in Ridgefield.  

You can zoom in on a map by pushing the down arrow key on your Pocket PC. On the right, I am getting a better look at the middle portion of the trip. In versions 2.1.7 and later, you can also choose a scale by choosing a notch in the zoom control at the top of the map.

As I zoom in even further, a new level of detail is automatically loaded.

You can use the stylus to center the map on a different area of focus. As I drag the map with the stylus, it appears at first that I’ve reached the very corner of the map.

However, as I release the stylus, the map redraws in a new position.  

Here’s another view of the data. Using the View menu options, you can change the view from Topo to Aerial.

This view tells us more about the island in the picture. The interior is thickly forested, with some sandy beaches on the edges. It is surrounded by shallow water with accumulated sand, something to note if I plan to kayak this area during low tide.

We can zoom back out in the aerial photography.

We note that the area north of the Lewis River is covered by neatly trimmed fields – probably farmland. The better opportunities for wildlife viewing may be on the south side.