Waypoints for Android

Thanks to all those who have tried a beta of BackCountry Navigator so far. For many, by the time you receive this email, it will be memorial day weekend in the US. I hope it has been a good weekend for you. 

Waypoints Plus More
This week's build incorporates waypoints, plus other changes too numerous to mention. They are not yet fully described in web pages or video.  Here are some quick hints:

  • The GPS Data menu is now active to create a trip file for storing waypoints.
  • Press and hold to identify or define waypoints. Or use the target button to define one for the current gps position.  
  • Try sending a pocket query (geocaches) to your gmail adress, and click preview on the attachment on the phone. 

This build also has a full screen compass, which automatically snaps to the GOTO waypoint bearing, and a separate screen for navigation stats. 

The latest build is posted at:

Android beta download

Feedback wanted on stability. 
Please give feedback when you get a chance. A demo version of BackCountry Navigator will soon be posted to the Android Market. While it won't have *all* of the features that you have requested, we do want to make sure it is robust enough to be tried, and reviewed, by a wider audience.

HTC Droid Incredible
Two people have reported that long downloads from BackCountry Navigator can cause the phone to spontaneously reboot on the HTC Incredible. We do not know if this will be resolved in this release. If you have an Incredible, please do report back if you are seeing this problem on the downloads, and if it got better, worse, or .
It is known that the Incredible does not give sufficient priority to foreground services, which also causes skips in music players, but we do not know if this is related to what some have seen.

Have a great day! 

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