Whitewater Android Maps

Whitewater Android maps are now available to help users enjoy whitewater with their Android device as a navigation aid. 

Whitewater kayaking is one of the sports that are favored today because it is not only an outdoor sport, it tests the paddler’s skill, expertise and stamina.

There are professional paddlers who want challenge by braving the rapids and there are those who paddle for leisure and enjoy the nature’s trail with the whole family. 

Navigation in whitewater has been a great concern for paddlers. There are plenty of handbooks and guides for whitewater. However, this does not give the paddlers real time navigation. They need a device that can give them complete information about their exact location on the river.   

When Android mobile platform was launched, Android GPS turned smartphones into a GPS device, usable for whitewater and other activities. BackCountry Navigator, listed as one of the best Android travel apps, offers a whitewater trail map as an add-on purchase. The data comes from US Trailmaps, Inc, known for creation of GPS grade digital maps and trail systems. 

With the current presence of Android mobile devices, whitewater android maps have become a convenient accessory. 

The Whitewater for Android maps will guide you to rivers and runs you wish to explore. It provides information about access points and navigation to put-ins and takeouts. With these maps, you can explore new rivers and recreation areas.   BackCountry Navigator's Whitewater Android trail maps provides information such as:
5,017 rapids runs covering 50 US states
49,222 total miles of rapids
9,397 put in and take out access points  

 Venturing into the world of whitewater kayaking is an inherently dangerous activity. It is just you and a small boat against what the nature has to offer. Make sure that you have received the proper training first and now completely familiar with the boat and the equipment needed to traverse whitewater safely.

Most of all, ensure that your Android GPS device is ready, configured and protected to get the best of your whitewater adventure, whether it is for the challenge or enjoying a rare family time.    

Whitewater Android maps are available as an in-app or add-on purchase with BackCountry Navigator PRO.